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2021 KOC Membership Enrollment

Enrollment in the Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC) for 2020 has closed, but we can’t wait to bring you details on next year’s membership in the coming weeks–enrollment for 2021 opens on November 10, 2020!

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Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC) – A club–sponsored by Hallmark–for fans, collectors and Holiday enthusiasts to come together and celebrate their shared passion for Keepsake Ornaments.

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Keepsake Convention Exclusives

When it comes to creating convention exclusives, the Keepsake artists always put the fans first.

For this year’s convention-exclusive ornaments, the Keepsake Studio took different approaches to their pieces.

For Harry Potter fans, Keepsake Artist Kristina Gaughran went with an unexpected, yet popular, choice.  “[Professor Boggart Snape] has gotten a lot of love from the cosplay community, so to give fans an ornament this unique is exciting.” says Kris.

For the National Barbie Doll Convention, Keepsake Artist Debra Nielsen was guided by the convention itself.  “The theme for 2020 is ‘Paradise Found’,” Debra says.  “I am given some top-secret artwork relative to the theme and need to create a new shoe design based on it.  In this case, the Barbie with the ocean waves hair artwork was provided and I added the hibiscus floral pattern to complement it.”

Those are just some small insights into the process of creating convention exclusives.  Get a close look at our convention offerings below.

Barbie™ Ornament
Special Edition

STAR TREK TOS: The Trouble with Tribbles

Imperial Probe Droid™
Star Wars™: The Empire Strikes Back™

Ahsoka Tano™
Star Wars™: The Clone Wars™

Professor Boggart Snape™
Harry Potter™

“Keepsake Convention Exclusives.” For Keeps 18 Summer 2020: 8

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Tom and His Frosty Friends

Frosty Friends
41st in the series.

As the Keepsake artist with the second-longest run on the Frosty Friends series, Tom Best sat down to answer some questions about the long-running adventures of Frosty and his North Pole pals.

(In order of when they first started on the series):

Jim Mahon (Series creator*) – 2 ornaments
Ed Seale – 19 ornaments
Bob Siedler – 1 ornament
Sharon Pike – 1 ornament
Julia Lee – 2 ornaments
June Brock – 1 ornament
Sharon Visker – 3 ornaments
Tom Best – 12 ornaments

*NOTE: In 2016, Jim Mahon posted that the concept for the eskimo ornament was submitted to the studio by Keepsake Artist, Donna (Lee) Hill.

“Who did what has always been the biggest misconception with the series.  Back in the day, they didn’t put names on boxes, so the creator of the series was always just speculated, not actually known.  But getting that all figured out is something I took on when I started on the series, and I’m glad we got that corrected.”

“A former Keepsake Artist, Julie Forsyth had friended Jim (Mahon) on Facebook because (she) had known him from back when he worked here (at Hallmark).  And when we started trying to figure out who was the original creator of Frosty, she reached out to him.  And so, I ended up friending him, too, and we found out Jim was our guy.”


      • Ed Seale attributed the original two Frosty Friends ornaments to Jim Mahon in the premiere issue of his official newsletter, The Polar Post (Volume I, Issue I) in Early 2004. Download a PDF of the Issue.
      •  In 2016, Jim Mahon posted that the concept for the eskimo ornament was submitted to the studio by Keepsake Artist, Donna (Lee) Hill.

“He went on to have a really stellar career; he worked for Jim Henson and the Muppets.  And he talks so kindly of Jim and how wonderful he was and how great those years were.”

Jim Mahon’s artist profile (on Digital Dream Book)

“It’s based on the old ‘going to the carnival and put your head in the display.’  That was the whole idea.  Considering there’s very little material for a boy in the frozen tundra, ice tends to be a popular material for building.  And because Frosty in the past has sculpted before, the tools in #41 are the same as the ones he used back in 2000 for #21.”

“Tom and His Frosty Friends.” For Keeps 18 Summer 2020: 4-5

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Ornament Spotlight: Ornament Premiere Member Exclusives

Exclusively for you at Ornament Premiere
Get the inside scoop on these KOC exclusives that are heading to the event in July.

Sweet Santa
Member Exclusive

For fans who enjoy the stories told through companion pieces, Sweet Santa is a subtle nod to this year’s Artist Signing Event ornament.

Sweet Santa
Member Exclusive

“I think that he makes a good companion piece because the studio piece is a gingerbread themed carousel,” says Keepsake Artist Terri Steiger.

The piece most closely ties to the signing event ornament by Santa’s cookie of choice–the gingerbread man.

“All the animals on the carousel look like gingerbread cookies, and while my Santa is not exactly a cookie, he does have decorations that feature details that nod to a gingerbread cookie.”

Christmas Window 2020
18th in the series.
Member Exclusive

For this year’s addition to the series, Keepsake Artist Nina Aubé went back to where the series started.

“Usually we do storefronts, like a bookstore or a toy store, but the very first ornament in the series was a room scene, and I decided to go back to that and change it up a little bit,” says Nina.

Christmas Window 2020
18th in the series.
Member Exclusive

A fun fact for fans of the series:  the little girl looking for Santa on this year’s ornament has a special connection to Nina.

“It’s my niece Jessica, and the stuffed animal on the ornament is her Piggy that she’s had since she was a baby.  And Piggy goes everywhere with her.”

With callbacks to the series beginnings and personal touches added to the design, this year’s Christmas Window is a whimsical reminder of the magic the season has for the young and young at heart.

“Exclusively for you at Ornament Premiere.” For Keeps 19 Summer 2020: 2-3

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