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2021 Reveal: Dream Book Covers (UPDATED)

The countdown is ON! Three days until the reveal of the 2021 Dream Book covers! Who’s excited?

The Dream Book will be available online and at your local Hallmark Gold Crown store beginning April 15. We can’t wait to share it with you!

The KOC exclusive Dream Book will arrive in your Dream Box which begins shipping in April! And just like last year, KOC members receive an exclusive wrapped cover of the Dream Book, featuring gold foil and die-cut in the shape of a wreath! The die cut wreath peeks through to the in-store Dream Book cover underneath. The contents of both books are exactly the same, so the Wish List is exactly the same as well.

2021 In-Store Dream Book Cover

2021 KOC Exclusive Dream Book Cover

Fanciful Fairy
Premium Collection

Sweet Lil’ Starfish

Mickey and Friends
Set of 4 miniature ornaments.

Sweet Decade
2nd in the series.

Toymaker Santa
22nd in the series.

Petite Penguins
6th in the series.

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Stocking Stuffers
1st in the series.

Gnome for Christmas
1st in the series.



Sugarplum Fairy

Dreamtopia Mermaid
Barbie™ Ornament


Rocking Horse Memories
2nd in the series.

UPDATE (03.03.21) – TWO days until the reveal of the 2021 Dream Book covers! (Updated images added to the carousels.)

UPDATE (03.04.21) – ONE more day until the reveal of the 2021 Dream Book covers! (Updated images added to the carousels.)

UPDATE (03.05.21) – TODAY is the day! Now introducing…the 2021 Dream Book covers. (Updated images added to the carousels.)

March 2nd, 2021|3 Comments

2021 Double Take: Cookie Cutter Christmas

Keepsake artist Nina Aubé’s beloved Cookie Cutter Christmas series is celebrating 10 years this year! Nina finds inspiration for this series from the nostalgia of vintage cookie cutters. The 10th in the series is releasing at Ornament Premiere in July. But that’s not all Nina has up her sleeve to commemorate Ten Sweet Years of this series… Learn more when the Dream Book releases in April!

Cookie Cutter Christmas
10th in the series.

February 28th, 2021|2 Comments

For Keeps: Volume 20, Issue 1 Winter 2021

Get a closer look the KOC exclusives. Read about what goes into approving licensed Keepsake Ornaments. And Meet the Keepsake Studio Creative Director.

  • A closer look at your 2021 member-exclusive ornaments
    • Santa’s Sleigh
    • Christmas Window, 19th in the series.
  • Meet Jim Tronoski, Keepsake Studio Creative Director
  • Magical Memories Collectors Club
  • Inside our licensing world
  • Join your members-only Facebook page
  • Save the Date

Download a PDF of the Issue

Read the Cover Letter

For Keeps – The Official Newsletter of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club.

February 20th, 2021|1 Comment

Artist Insights: Soft Serve Surprise

Hallmark sat down (virtually!) with Nello Williams to discuss his Soft Serve Surprise. Enjoy!

Nello was inspired by a former Keepsake artist! Nello: “the biggest inspiration for this ornament is the soft serve ice cream machine that former Keepsake artist Chis Webb used to bring into the studio for special occasions. He had a number of food service machines like that.” How fun!

Nello went on to say, “I think that I mentioned his popcorn machine as inspiration for the Nellco popcorn machine which I did a few years ago. The design itself is pretty typical of what I’ve been doing for all of my Nellco ornaments, the retro look. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to use that look as my “signature” style for Keepsake Ornaments. I do really like that style. Chris had a whole bunch of food service machines, so this might not be the last Nellco ornament to be inspired by something of them. I’m not sure what kind of ornament design I can do with a nacho cheese sauce dispenser, but I’m willing to try.” Yum!

Nello: “though I sculpted traditionally when I first came to Keepsakes, I’ve pretty much completely moved over to sculpting digitally. For the Nellco ornaments, I mostly use a 3D CAD program. That program lets me share files with the engineer (in this case, Keepsake Engineer Jean Newton). We can make sure the mechanics will fit and such.”

From there, Nello says “usually we do a 3D print of the ornament to make sure it’s the right size and actually looks correct. Sometimes, we catch things that we didn’t notice or just looked different on screen. Several digital artists in the studio have their own 3D printers at home. The rest of us want one.” Cool!

Soft Serve Surprise

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Ornament Spotlight: Ornament Premiere Member Exclusives

A Closer Look at Your 2021 Member-exclusive Ornaments
Created and designed with you in mind.

April will be here before we know it, and that’s when Dream Boxes will begin shipping—with your 2021 Dream Book inside. Until then, enjoy an up-close look at the ornament designs available only to club members—and make a note to put them on your Wish List!

Santa’s Sleigh
Member Exclusive

Santa’s Sleigh
Member Exclusive

“For this ornament, I was very much inspired by my Snowtop Lodge Series for the sleigh. The storytelling scene and details around the sleigh are my favorite parts. I was honored to create this piece especially for our KOC members, who I like to think of as our KOC family.”

– Joanne Wright


Christmas Window 2021
19th in the series.
Member Exclusive

Christmas Window 2021
19th in the series.
Member Exclusive

“As most KOC members know, I usually try to be inspired by my boys and what they are into. Although they were never into comic books, I found out that fellow Keepsake Artist Jake Angell’s son, Rylan, is really into them. My first idea was to have Rylan design a comic book for me to use in this piece. He was going to do it, but right after talking to Jake about it, it was discovered that Rylan’s cancer had come back and he was going to need treatment. Rylan was diagnosed in 2015 with a tumor on the nerve of his eye. He has been such a brave boy, and I see him as a super hero. Since he wasn’t able to create a cover for me, I designed the comic the little boy is reading to be about Rylan and his dog, Sadie. I also sculpted the little boy’s face to look like Rylan.”

– Tammy Haddix

“A closer look at your 2021 member-exclusive ornaments .” For Keeps 20 Spring 2021: 2-3

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