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 TitleItem No.Listed InformationCorrected Information
2018 SnowflakeQGO2093By Tom Best.By Ruth Donikowski.
Christmas CardinalQAC1065...hear the cardinal sing along to a version of "Go Tell It On the Mountain."...hear the cardinal sing along to a version of "Hear We Come A-Caroling."
Groot and Rocket, Avengers: Infinity WarQXI8556Each ornament set in this series features a precious pair of baby fairy messengers.

Press the button on the ornament to hear music from this classic animated film.
Description printed in error. Ornament is not part of the Baby Fairy Messengers series and does NOT feature sound.

Error not corrected on initial shipment. on second shipment, incorrect statement covered up with a sticker.
Love’s Journey Begins, Baby's First ChristmasQGO1696By Nina Aubé.By Edythe Kegrize and Jim Kemme.
Merriest House in TownQGO1846Press the button to watch it perform a thrilling light show to music from "Hallelujah Chorus."Press the button to watch it perform a thrilling light show to music from "Joy to the World."
Nifty Fifty Keepsake Angel Tree Topper OrnamentQGO2096By Anita Marra Rogers.By Anita Marra Rogers, Rodney Gentry and Tom Best.
Santa's Magic TrainQGO1896...hear Santa's magic train come to life to the tune of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas."...hear Santa's magic train come to life to the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus."
Starscream™, Transformers™QXI2896No artist creditedBy Orville Wilson.


 TitleItem No.Listed InformationCorrected Information
Like Dad, Like SonQGO1105Ornament pictured features a brown pair of shoes.The ornament produced features a gray pair of shoes.

Second printing features corrected image.


 TitleItem No.Listed InformationCorrected Information
Beauty and the BeastQXD6084Ornament features light and sound.Ornament only features sound.
El Milagro
de la
QSM7824Ornament pictured shows the word 'family' in English instead of Spanish.The ornament produced with 'familia' instead of 'family'.
Skylar A. WoolscarfQXE3124Ornament pictured does not have a black star shaped button on torsal.Ornament has a black star shaped button on torsal.


 TitleItem No.Listed InformationCorrected Information
Season TreatingsQX9113Ornament pictured features Santa and holly cake pops in the third and sixth slots.Ornament features Santa and holly cake pops in the second and fifth slots.
Merry Christmas to All!QGO1516Ornament pictured features yellow reins and runners.Ornament pictured features red reins and gold runners.
Very Merry Christmas FairyQXE3783...first available at the 2014 Keepsake Ornament Premiere event....first available at the 2014 Keepsake Ornament Debut event.


 TitleItem No.Listed InformationCorrected Information
Wagon Queen Family Truckster
National Lampoon's Vacation
QXI2115Initial run imprinted with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation LogoError corrected by
covering logo with
National Lampoon's Vacation logo sticker.
Secondary printings imprinted with National Lampoon's Vacation Logo.


 TitleItem No.Listed InformationCorrected Information
The Cheshire Cat, Disney Alice in Wonderland, Special EditionQXE3011By Nina AubéBy Anita Marra Rogers


 TitleItem No.Listed InformationCorrected Information
The Opening Game
A Family Fun Tradition
QXC5002Packaging states: that there are "six little doors" and that there is a "hidden star token."Ornament only has five doors and the token is a present shaped bell.


 TitleItem No.Listed InformationCorrected Information
Arizona Cardinals™, NFL CollectionQSR6484By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Atlanta Falcons™, NFL CollectionQSR6364By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Browns™, NFL CollectionQSR66391By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Buffalo Bills™, NFL CollectionQSR6 6371By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Carolina Panthers™, NFL CollectionQSR66374By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Chicago Bears™, NFL CollectionQSR66381By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Cincinnati Bengals™, NFL CollectionQSR66384By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Dallas Cowboys™, NFL CollectionQSR6394By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Denver Broncos™, NFL CollectionQSR66411By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Detroit Lions™, NFL CollectionQSR6414By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Green Bay Packers™, NFL CollectionQSR6621By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Indianapolis Colts™, NFL CollectionQSR6431By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Jacksonville Jaguars™, NFL CollectionQSR6434By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Kansas City Chiefs™, NFL CollectionQSR6361By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Miami Dolphins™, NFL CollectionQSR6451By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Minnesota Vikings™, NFL CollectionQSR6454By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
New England Patriots™, NFL CollectionQSR6461By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
New Orleans Saints™, NFL CollectionQSR6464By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
New York Giants™, NFL CollectionQSR6471By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
New York Jets™, NFL CollectionQSR6474By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Oakland Raiders™, NFL CollectionQSR6441By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Oilers™, NFL CollectionQSR6424By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Philadelphia Eagles™, NFL CollectionQSR6481By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Pittsburgh Steelers™, NFL CollectionQSR6491By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
St. Louis Rams™, NFL CollectionQSR6444By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
San Diego Chargers™, NFL CollectionQSR6494By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
San Francisco 49ers™, NFL CollectionQSR6501By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Seattle Seahawks™, NFL CollectionQSR6504By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers™, NFL CollectionQSR6511By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.
Washington Redskins™, NFL CollectionQSR6514By Bob Seidler.By Duane Unruh.


 TitleItem No.Listed InformationCorrected Information
Cinnamon Bear, 4th in the seriesQX4056
Both numbers are correct.*1
*1 - Hallmark obtained this ornament from multiple manufactures and they identified them with different numerals to regulate inventory.


 TitleItem No.Listed InformationCorrected Information
Partridge, 4th in the Holiday Wildlife seriesQX3765PartridgeQuail