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Announcement: Keepsake Artist Tom Best’s Retirement

The Best of times
Reminiscing on Tom Best’s 40-year Hallmark career

Tom Best
Senior Keepsake Artist

Hundreds of sketches, dozens of ornaments, and oh-so-many memories–that’s the legacy Tom Best will leave behind when he retires on December 28, the date of his 40th anniversary at Hallmark.

Although Tom began as a card illustrator in 1982, he decided to take his career from “two dimensions to three” and become a Keepsake artist in 2003. We’re so glad he made the switch–and Tom is too.

“Being a lifetime lover of toys and all things miniature, creating characters, scenes, and stories you can hold in your hand sounded perfect!”

Looking back, Tom says, It would be impossible to choose just one “best day of work ever!” moment. but he’s loved traveling for research and signing events. He’s been all over the country, including Alaska, and even got to pitch ornament ideas to the top designers of Hot Wheels.

“If my 10-year-old self could have dreamed of that, oh, boy–now that was a good day at work!”

And just like he can’t pick one favorite memory, Tom can’t pick just one ornament either, so a few of his favorites are pictured below! On the topic of ornaments, Tom assures us he is leaving all his projects in very capable hands: “Like time itself, Don Palmiter’s ‘Houses and Shops’ series will march on! Rodney and I have collaborated for a few years and have completed new ornaments through 2024.” Tom also says that he’s finished the 2023 and 2024 Beer Stein ornaments.

As he looks to retirement. Tom says he’s most grateful for all the friendships he’s formed and all the memories, too.

“Let me say how grateful I am to Hallmark and to all of you collectors and fans. You have my sincere thanks for all your warmth, kind words, and support. I am truly appreciative!”

Tom Best
Senior Keepsake Artist

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“The Best of times.” For Keeps 21 Fall 2022: 4-5.

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