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2022 Sneak Peek: Series

The 2021 Dream Box includes a little booklet entitled “Behind the Designs.” The booklet tells the stories behind nine Keepsake Ornaments and reveals five 2022 Sneak Peeks.

Stocking Stuffers (2022)
2nd in the series.

Gnome for Christmas (2022)
2nd in the series.

Holiday Parade (2022)
3rd in the series.

Beer Stein (2022)
10th in the unofficial series.

Cookie Cutter Christmas (2022)
10th in the series.

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2021 Sneak Peek: Classic Christmas Style

Christmas Magic Comes to Life

From classic favorites to magical innovations and fun surprises, so many holiday wonders await.

Pull-String Moose

Sprightly Santa

A Beautiful Year

Santa’s Sleigh
Club Exclusive

Cozy Birch Snowman

Limited Edition

Santa Claus

Christmas Commemorative
9th in the series.

“i’ve always loved the flickering pillar candles you can put on your mantel, so I wanted to use our new technology to create a realistic flickering flame in this ornament. It was definitely a team effort., and a lot of credit goes to our engineer, Jean Newton!”

– Joanne Wright, Keepsake Artist

Angelic Candlelight

Stunning Snowflake

Vintage Snowman

Snow Angel

Heirloom Angels
6th in the series.

2021 Snowflake

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2021 Sneak Peek: Series Favorites

All about artistry

“Our artists take pride in toping themselves every year when it comes to their ideas and their craftsmanship. They know the true mark of an artist is never being satisfied, and they’re motivated to always do better than their last creation.”

“That’s why collaboration is such a key ingredient for us. Everyone brings their best to the table, and individual work turns into teamwork. Our artists build off each other’s ideas, our editorial partners help us develop stories and our engineers bring complex ideas to life. The whole team is inspired by personal stories from our consumers and driven to help people connect to through the joy that Keepsake Ornaments bring.”

– Jim Tronoski, Creative Director.

Noble Nutcrackers
Tabletop Decoration

Rocking Horse Memories
2nd in the series.

A Pony for Christmas
24th in the series.

Father Christmas’s Reindeer
Special Edition

Father Christmas
18th in the series.

Father Christmas
18th in the series.

Ring in the Season
7th in the series.

Eleven Pipers Piping
Twelve Days of Christmas
11th in the series.

Duke of Winter
Noble Nutcrackers

Whittaker Q. Snowden
Snowtop Lodge

17th in the series.

Toymaker Santa
21st in the series.

Duke of Winter
Noble Nutcrackers
3rd in the series.

Season’s Treatings
13th in the series.

Cookie Cutter Christmas
10th in the series.

Seasonal Smorgasbord
Season’s Treatings

Ten Sweet Years
Cookie Cutter Mouse
Special Edition

Star Tipped Sweetness
Christmas Cupcakes
12th in the series.

Christmas Cupcakes
Special Edition

Sweet Decade
2nd in the series.

Holiday Parade
3rd in the series.

Jingle Bell Pals
Snowball and Tuxedo

21st in the series.

Baking Buddiess
Playful Penguins

Snow Buddies
24th in the series.

Cozy New Pajamas
Making Memories
14th in the series.

Tree Trimmers
9th in the series.

Frosty Friends
42nd in the series.

Handcar High Jinks
Frosty Friends

Boston Terrier
Puppy Love

31th in the series.

Mischievous Kittens
22nd in the series.

Stocking Stuffers
1st in the series.

Christmas Window 2021
Christmas Windows
19th in the series.
Member Exclusive

Keepsake Korners Coffee Shop
Nostalgic Houses and Shops
38th in the series.

Jolly and Joyful Wendy
Madame Alexander
26th in the series.

Waltz of the Flowers
Nutcracker Sweet
3rd in a five-part series.
Member Exclusive

Nifty Fifties Keepsake Ornaments

Decorative Cardinal Light String

Evening Grosbeak
The Beauty of Birds
17th in the series.

Lady Evening Grosbeak
The Beauty of Birds
Special Edition

Christmas Cardinals
Marjolein’s Garden
8th in the series.

Cozy Critters
5th in the series.

Cordial Cardinal

Fanciful Fairy

Freesia Fairy
Fairy Messengers

17th in the series.

Fancy Flamingo

Brilliant Butterflies
5th in the series.

Peace Doves

Beautiful Bird

Captivating Cockatoo

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2021 Sneak Peek: Disney

“For this magic carousel, I thought of myself as the designer-builder of an elegant royal ride fit for a princess. I wanted it to be something the princesses would enjoy, so I gave each her own special ride along with cobblestone path, framed under the canopy of the carousel.”

– Robert Herbert, Keepsakes Artist.

Dreams Go Round Carousel
Disney Princess

Disney Princess Celebration
2nd in the series.

Book Lover Belle
Disney Beauty and the Beast

Fit For A Princess Ornament Set
Disney Princess


Disney stories and characters have inspired Keepsake artists for decades and bringing them to life through Keepsake Ornaments never gets old.

“Now we’re celebrating Disney fans by highlighting favorite attractions and memorable experiences from Disney Parks so you can commemorate your trips.” says, Art Director Charles Young. “Last year we introduced The Haunted Mansion featuring everyone’s favorite ghosts, and this year, you’ll find Disney Mickey Mouse riding in a vintage Autotopia vehicle.”

“While I can’t reveal next year’s designs, fans can look forward to favorite Disney Parks attractions and experiences interpreted in fun and unique ways with great sculpted detail, storytelling and technology.”

Mickey Mouse Radio
Disney Mickey Mouse

Disney Mickey Mouse

A Futuristic Freeway to Fun!
Disney Autopia

Steamboat Willie
Mickey’s Movie Mouseterpieces
10th and Final in the series.

In the Swing
Disney Mickey Mouse

A Year of Disney Magic
Disney Mickey Mouse

Phoning A Friend
Disney Minnie Mouse

Positively Minnie
Disney Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse Ornament Set
Disney Mickey Mouse

High Flying Friends
Disney Mickey and Minnie

Show Yourself
Disney Frozen II

Queen Anna
Disney Frozen II

Lost In The Woods
Disney Frozen II

Rapunzel and Pascal
Disney Tangled
Set of 2 ornaments.


Kiss the Girl
Disney The Little Mermaid

Stepping Out in Style
Disney Cinderella

Tinker Bell Takes Flight
Disney Peter Pan

Cinderella and Fairy Godmother
Disney Cinderella/Precious Moments
Limited Edition

Jaq and Gus
Disney Cinderella
Limited Edition

With a Smile and a Song
Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Diamond Eyes Dopey
Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Recon Plan Charlie
Disney•Pixar Toy Story

Bo Peep and Her Sheep
Disney•Pixar Toy Story

Forky and Friends
Disney•Pixar Toy Story 4

Disney•Pixar Incredibles 2

Lightning McQueen
Disney•Pixar Cars
15th Anniversary

Sulley and Boo
Disney•Pixar Monsters, Inc.
20th Anniversary

Disney•Pixar Onward

Raya and Tuk Tuk
Disney Raya and the Last Dragon

Rockstar Stitch
Disney Lilo and Stitch

Alice in Wonderland
70th Anniversary

Kermit’s Holiday Hug
Disney The Muppets

In a Nutshell
Disney Chip and Dale

O Christmas Eeyore
Disney Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree
Disney Winnie the Pooh
55th Anniversary

Mother and Child
Disney Dumbo

Disney Fantasia
Limited Edition

Cruella De Vil
Disney 101 Dalmatians/Precious Moments

A De Vil-ish Ride
Disney 101 Dalmatians

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2021 Sneak Peek: Miniature Ornaments and Accessories

Small Joys, Big Smiles

Not everyone has room for a huge tree, and let’s face it miniature trees and ornaments are adorable. Keepsake Studio Creative Director Jim Tronoski says, “I’m a huge fan of miniatures.” (See what he did there?) “I put up a couple mini trees every year. I love that they’re compact, and I can put them in different places around the house.”

Keepsake Artists Nina Aubé has collected miniature objects since she was a child. She shares, “My mini trees are loaded with birds and critters, of course. There’s just something magical about tiny objects, especially when they have as much detail as our ornaments do.” We hope you’ll find something magical in our miniatures, to. And that each little detail will help you add more merry to your home this Christmas.

Miniature Evergreen
Christmas Tree

Elegant Miniature
Ornament Set

Miniature Elegant
Tree Topper and Skirt

Miniature White
Christmas Tree

Whimsical Miniature
Ornament Set

Miniature Whimsical
Tree Topper and Skirt

Miniature Black
Christmas Tree

Festive Miniature
Ornament Set

Miniature Poinsettia
Tree Topper and Skirt

Snowflake Angel

Sweet Lil Starfish

Spring Robin
The Miniature Beauty of Birds
13 in the unofficial series.

Bitty Butterfly

Dainty Daffodil Fairy

Santa Tiki

A Snuggly Stocking
Petite Penguins
6th in the series.

Dressed Up Dachshund

Junior Jukebox

Lil’ Puppy Clock

Tiny Telly

Top-Koalaty Christmas

Teeny Toaster

A World Within
7th in the series.

1956 Ford Thunderbird
Lil’ Classic Cars
4th in the series.

Cozy Lil’ Critters
3rd in the series.

Miniature Mickey
Tree Topper and Skirt
Disney Mickey Mouse

Merry Lil’ Mickey
Disney Mickey Mouse

Merry Lil’ Minnie
Disney Minnie Mouse

Merry Lil’ Pluto
Disney Pluto

Merry Lil’ Goofy
Disney Goofy

The Trio
Harry Potter™

LIONEL® 1520W Texas Special Passenger Set

Sugar Plum Fairy

Star Wars™


Han Solo™
Star Wars™


Igloo Twirl-About

The Legend of Zelda


Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda


Mini Rock-a- Stack®
Fisher Price®

Mini Box of 8

Rudolph® and Clarice™
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer®

Baker Lucy

Baker Snoopy

Poppy Dreamworks®
Animation Trolls

Winter Fun With Snoopy®
23rd in the series.

Baker Charlie Brown

Sugar Skull Sweetie

Miniature Pumpkin King
Tree Topper

Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas

Miniature Halloween
Tree Topper & Skirt

Miniature Scary Teddy and
Undead Duck Tree Skirt

Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween Miniature Light String

Lil’ Oogie Boogie
Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Lil’ Jack Skellington
Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Lil’ Sally
Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Vintage Halloween Cuties

Caramel Apple Cutie

Pirate Snoopy

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