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2022 Sneak Peek: Series

The 2021 Dream Box includes a little booklet entitled “Behind the Designs.” The booklet tells the stories behind nine Keepsake Ornaments and reveals five 2022 Sneak Peeks.

Stocking Stuffers (2022)
2nd in the series.

Gnome for Christmas (2022)
2nd in the series.

Holiday Parade (2022)
3rd in the series.

Beer Stein (2022)
10th in the unofficial series.

Cookie Cutter Christmas (2022)
10th in the series.

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2021 Sneak Peek: Toys and Characters

Fantastic Unicorn

Dream Horse

Vintage Fire Engine

Bone Shaker
Hot Wheels


Crane and Clam

75th Anniversary

Super Soaker®
30th Anniversary

Family Game Night
8th in the series.

My Little Pony™


Elmo’s Magic Piano
Sesame Street®

Cookie Monster
Sesame Street®

Always Very Curious
Curious George™

Chase Is On the Case!
PAW Patrol: The Movie

Snow Buddies
Thomas the Tank Engine™

Elf and Teddy
LEGO® Minifigure

Minion Elf

Poppy and Branch
Dreamworks Animation Trolls

Spruced Up Scoob

Merry to the Max

The Night Before Christmas
Tom and Jerry

Bugs Bunny™ and Baby Finster™
Baby Buggy Bugs – LOONEY TUNES™

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2021 Sneak Peek: Premium

An Elevated Experience
These Keepsake Ornaments deliver the highest of quality with their premium designs and materials.

One of the most beloved holiday traditions is getting to decorate your tree just how you like it. And if your personal style calls for elegant craftsmanship and high-quality materials, premium ornaments might be just what you need.

Polish blown glass (formerly Heritage)

Sprightly Santa

Holiday Happiness

Cordial Cardinal

Beautiful Bird

Metal and more

Pull-String Moose

Stunning Snowflake

Vintage Snowman

Elegant Zebra

Ring in the Season
7th in the series.

Fanciful Fairy

Peace Dove

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2021 Reveal: Ornament Debut Limited Quantity Ornaments

7 limited quantity ornaments are planned for Ornament Debut, October 2-10, 2021.

Rebel Reindeer

In the Swing
Disney Mickey Mouse

Jaq and Gus
Disney Cinderella

Marvin the Martian™
Space Jam: A New Legacy™
Companion to Space Jam: A New Legacy™ ornament.

BATMAN™ The Classic TV Series

Companion to Sonic and Tails ornament.

NOTE: Available to club members one day early! Check with your local store for early event access.

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2021 Sneak Peek: Member Exclusives

The four Member Exclusive offerings for 2021 have been revealed.


Christmas Window 2021
(St. Nick’s Cosmic Comics)
Christmas Windows
19th in the series.

Captivating Cockatoo


Waltz of the Flowers
Nutcracker Sweet
3rd in the series.

Santa’s Sleigh

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