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Press Release: Hallmark Announces 2019 Event Exclusives for Fan Conventions

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, itty bittys® among items planned at events

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (June 17, 2019) — PopMinded by Hallmark is preparing to greet fans at the nation’s largest pop culture fan gatherings later this year with limited quantities of products and collectibles inspired by iconic characters and developed exclusively for fan events.

PopMinded, which debuted in 2016, is Hallmark’s way to celebrate fandom with gifts and collectibles created and curated with all fans in mind. PopMinded continues and expands on Hallmark’s decade-long tradition of providing event attendees access to Hallmark’s ever popular event exclusive products available only through convention pop-up stores.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament designs, itty bittys® plush characters, and other gift items will be sold in limited quantities at these events on Hallmark’s 2019 convention calendar. View the calendar at

Limited availability items include:

Star Wars™


A Wild Ride on Endo
Star Wars™: The Return of the Jedi™

Features Paploo™ the Ewok™ piloting a speeder bike as seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. A variation of an ornament featuring a Scout Trooper™ will be available in Hallmark Gold Crown stores starting in July. This event exclusive ornament also plays sound from the film.
Total production run: 3,200.
$40.00 USA

Chewbacca™ Bandolier itty bittys® Carrier
Star Wars™
itty bittys®

designed to hold nine Star Wars itty bittys® to sport around the convention. These one-size-sits all carriers will be sold while supplies last.
Total production run: 2,500.
$18.00 USA or $8.00 USA with the purchase of three Star Wars itty bittys®.

I.S.S. Enterprise™

Inspired by the classic episode “Mirror, Mirror” of the original Star Trek television series. The Mirror Universe’s flagship of the Terran Empire is a repainted version of a sculpt first offered in 2016.
Total production run: 3,475.
$40.00 USA

Marvel Comics

Iron Spider

A Marvel Avengers three-pack of PXL8® ornaments inspired by Captain America, Iron Man and Thanos.
Total production run: 1,500.
$39.00 USA

Captain Marvel
PXL8® Enamel Pin
$8.00 USA

Exclusive to Comic-Con International San Diego
(Available while supplies last)

PopMinded’s line of PXL8® style collectible enamel pins will continue to feature 8-bit renditions of favorite characters at 2019 events.


Wizarding World™


The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Burnt)
itty bittys®

This “toasted” variant (regular version available in Hallmark Gold Crown stores) comes packed in a city scape that celebrates the 35th anniversary of the release of the original Ghostbusters feature film.
Total production run: 1,800.
$10.00 USA

Sybill Trelawney™
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
itty bittys®

Inspired by the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry staff member.
Total production run: 1,800.
$10.00 USA

Wonder Woman
Ice Mold

A silicone mold that shapes ice cubes that look like Wonder Woman’s iconic mode of transportation, as well as the iconic WW logo
Total production run: 1,000.
$20.00 USA

A very limited number of 2019 event exclusive Keepsake Ornaments will also be available for sale later this year to members of the Keepsake Ornament Club. Information for joining the club can be found online at

At the end of the 2019 convention season in October, any remaining stock of the year’s event exclusives may be made available for sale online. Check for details at

Additional details about daily allocations for each event exclusive product as well as activity plans for each event will be announced closer to the respective convention dates. Look for additional Hallmark pop-culture products including greeting cards to be available at each event.

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Member Exclusive Offer: KOC Flash Sale (2019 Comic Con Ornaments)

We are excited to share that on October 7, 2019 KOC Members will have the opportunity to purchase three of the 2019 Comic Con Keepsake Ornaments online only.

A Wild Ride on Endor™
Star Wars™: The Return of the Jedi™

​I.S.S. Enterprise™*

Iron Spider

*NOTE: Will also be available at The Official STAR TREK™ Convention to be held July 31 – August 4 in Las Vegas,

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2019 Reveal: Fan Conventions Exclusives

Here are the exclusive pop culture Keepsake Ornaments Hallmark will have at some of the biggest conventions of the year.

Star Wars™ Celebration
Chicago , IL. | April 11-15

Comic-Con® International and New York Comic Con

Three ornament designs will be offered in limited quantities at Comic-Con® International, to be held July 18-21, 2019 in San Diego, CA, and at New York Comic Con, set for October 3-6, 2019 in New York City.

Ralph McQuarrie C-3PO™ and R2-D2™
Star Wars™

A Wild Ride on Endor™
Star Wars™: Return of the Jedi™

I.S.S. Enterprise™*

*NOTE: Will also be available at The Official STAR TREK™ Convention to be held July 31 – August 4 in Las Vegas,

Iron Spider

2019 National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention
Kansas City, MO. | July 31 – August 3

Anaheim, CA. | August 23-25

Barbie™ Ornament

The Dognapper
Disney Mickey Mouse

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2019 Peek-A-Boo: Keepsake Ornaments

Five Six 2019 Keepsake Ornaments were briefly posted on, fortunately two of our diligent collectors came across the posts and saved them prior to them being taken down.

UPDATE (03.29.19) – Added The Perfect Nanny, Disney Mary Poppins Keepsake Ornament.

Christmas Carousel
3rd and Final in the series.

Cozy Cup
4th in the Petite Penguins series.

World Within
5th in the series.

Little Country Church

Great Grandson

The Perfect Nanny
Disney Mary Poppins

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2019 Sneak Peek: Captain Marvel Mystery Box

Captain Marvel Mystery Box

In celebration of the theatrical release of Captain Marvel and International Women’s Day here is a sneak peek of the Captain Marvel Mystery Box  Keepsake Ornament featuring the cosmic-powered Super Hero in her aqua-and-black suit and her iconic red-and-blue suit!

*NOTE: Product packaging is marked, “1 of 2 Designs. All Sales Final. No refunds, returns, exchanges.”

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2019 Keepsake Celebrations Ornaments

Celebrate special moments, capture important memories, and nurture meaningful relationships as they happen throughout the year with Keepsake Celebration ornaments.

Each of the twenty-two designs makes the perfect unique and customizable gift to commemorate life’s milestone occasions.


I Love Us

Our Anniversary

Truly Deeply Foreverly
Photo holder

I Do

Faith & Encouragement

Hope Appeared

Limitless Love

Change is Beautiful

Baby & Family

Baby’s First Christmas

Already Loved
Photo holder

Love Your Spirit Godchild

Beautiful Mom

Baby Mine
Disney Dumbo

Honor & Remember

Remembered with Love

Forever By My Side
Photo holder

Wave Proudly

Canadian Pride


Lifes Next Journey

Congrats Grad
Photo holder

New Home


Welcome Friend

Having a Ball
Disney Cinderella

You’re Great Friend

Keepsake Celebrations – A collection of year round ornaments designed to celebrate major life milestones.

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2019 Sneak Peek: New York Comic Con (Pop Culture)

In conjunction with New York Comic Con, Hallmark provided a sneak peek of some of the pop culture ornaments that will be released in 2019. Amongst the designs shown were (7 previously divulged images and 20 newly revealed pictures.)

Star Wars™

Star Wars™ Collection

Imperial Star Destroyer™
Star Wars™ Collection

Boba Fett™
Star Wars™

Luke Skywalker™
Star Wars™: A New Hope™

Light Sabers
Star Wars™

Medal of Yavin™
Star Wars™: A New Hope™
Limited Edition

LEGO® Star Wars™

LEGO® Star Wars™

Harry Potter™

Hogwarts Castle Tree Topper
Harry Potter
Storytellers Collection

Harry Potter™
Harry Potter
Storytellers Collection

Hermione Granger™
Harry Potter
Storytellers Collection

Ron Weasley™
Harry Potter
Storytellers Collection

 Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes
Harry Potter
4th in the Diagon Alley™ unofficial series.


The Transporter
Tabletop Decoration

U.S.S. Enterprise™ NCC-1701
STAR TREK: The Motion Picture™
40th Anniversary

Commander Saru and Michael Burnham


The Walking Dead


DC Comics

AMC’s The Walking Dead

Iron Man

Infinity Gauntlet
Avengers: Infinity War





Ender Dragon




Dr. Peter Venkman

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory


Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 

Son of a Nutcracker

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Member Exclusive Offer: KOC Flash Sale (2018 Comic Con Ornaments)

We are excited to share that on October 8, 2018 KOC Members will have the opportunity to purchase three of the 2018 Comic Con Keepsake Ornaments online or by calling 1-800-Hallmark.  This special purchase opportunity will be available for all 2018 KOC members (even if you already purchased this year at the Comic Con Convention).  Restriction of 1 ornament per KOC membership number remains.

Lando Calrissian™ and Lobot™
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™

Lieutenant Arex and Lieutenant M’Ress*
STAR TREK: The Animated Series™

The Iron Giant
Ready Player One

*NOTE: Was also available at The Official STAR TREK™ Convention held August 1-5 in Las Vegas.

UPDATE (10.07.18) – FLASH SALE: The Comic Con Exclusive ornaments will go on sale on October 8 at 9:00 a.m. Central Time. But don’t wait long – supplies are limited.

UPDATE (10.08.18 @ 11:54 a.m.) – the Lando Calrissian™ and Lobot™, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ set has SOLD OUT.

UPDATE (10.23.18) – the Lieutenant Arex and Lieutenant M’Ress, STAR TREK: The Animated Series™ set has SOLD OUT.

Available on or by calling 1-(800)-HALLMARK

– Go to:
– Click on: Account (at top of page)
– Click on : Sign in
– Enter: Email address and Password
– Click on: SIGN IN button
– Click on: Hi, Name (at top of page)
– Click on: Keepsake Ornament Club
– Find your Active membership
– Click on: Options
– Click on: Purchase Product Shop ornaments
– Scroll to the bottom of page to see Product Shop offerings
– Click on ADD TO CART for each ornament you wish to purchase.
When finished Click on CHECKOUT> and process order as usual

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