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Press Release: Holiday Magic Begins with Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere

More than 250 all-new ornaments arrive in Hallmark Gold Crown® stores and for Keepsake Ornament Premiere Event starting July 13

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (July 11, 2019) —Join us for more than 250 new Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments that will be released during the annual Keepsake Ornament Premiere Event beginning Saturday, July 13, at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores nationwide and online at The annual event gives consumers a first chance to purchase Keepsakes Ornaments from the all-new 2019 line and experience the magic of Christmas in July.

“There is something magical about this time of year. We are excited to show Keepsake Ornament fans this year’s new line of ornaments in our collection—lots of fun surprises,” said Nicole Reid, general manager for Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. “Every year, our artists create the most amazing ornaments that help people celebrate the special times in their year, and the special people in their lives.”

The entire 2019 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament line includes more than 500 ornaments to help people capture memories, celebrate milestones, and turn the Christmas tree into a holiday experience the whole family will enjoy. More than half the new line will be available at Ornament Premiere.

At Ornament Premiere, consumers will find two brand-new Keepsake Ornament series and can take advantage of the best offers of the year, which run through July 21. Shoppers will also find ten limited-quantity ornaments, available exclusively in Hallmark Gold Crown stores.

New Harry Potter™ Keepsake Ornament Storytellers and Tree Topper

Hogwarts™ Castle Tree Topper
Harry Potter™ Collection

Hogwarts™ comes home. Relive the story of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with Hallmark’s newest Storytellers collection. For 2019, Hallmark is expanding their offering of Keepsake Storytellers Ornaments with three favorite characters from the Wizarding World: Harry Potter™, Hermione Granger™, and Ron Weasley™. This innovative technology allows each ornament to give consumers a fun show on its own, but when other Storytellers ornaments from the collection are added, they’ll unlock more interactive performances. The new Harry Potter™ collection features three ornaments, sold separately, that together play an epic light and sound performance from the feature film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. To add even more enchantment from Hogwarts™, Hallmark Gold Crown will also be offering a coordinating interactive Christmas tree topper featuring the score from “Hedwig’s Theme.”

Hermione Granger™*
Harry Potter™ Collection

Harry Potter™
Harry Potter™ Collection

Ron Weasley™
Harry Potter™ Collection

Introducing New Sesame Street® Ornaments

Hallmark proudly welcomes the characters of Sesame Street® to the 2019 Keepsake Ornament collection. For the first time Keepsake Ornaments will feature favorite characters from the beloved children’s program for the holidays. To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Sesame Street®, Hallmark will offer two ornaments at the July Ornament Premiere event, Big Bird and Cookie Monster, followed by an additional Elmo ornament at the October Ornament Debut event, October 5th.

Cookie Monster
Sesame Street®

Sesame Street®

Sesame Street®

First in Series Ornaments

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments is excited to introduce two additional series at Ornament Premiere perfect for starting new traditions in 2019.

Holiday Parade,” crafted by artist Tammy Haddix, will feature a different festively-decorated parade vehicle each year to add to the series. The series will begin with a retro red pickup truck featuring a bottle brush tree from Tammy’s Tree Farm ready to deliver a payload of Christmas spirit.

Holiday Parade
1st in the series.

Cozy Lil’ Critters,” crafted by Nina Aubé, will feature charming miniature birds all bundled up for warm winter fun. This year’s ornament shows a miniature bird in a matching scarf and stocking cap perched on a snow-capped branch.

Cozy Lil Critters
1st in the series.

For more information about Keepsake Ornaments, or to locate a Hallmark Gold Crown store, visit

*NOTE: Hermione Granger™ and Elmo will be released on October 5 as part of Ornament Debut.

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2019 Reveal: Ornament Premiere Limited Quantity Ornaments

10 limited quantity ornaments are planned for Ornament Premiere, July 13-21, 2019.

Father Christmas’s Reindeer
Companion to Father Christmas ornaments.

That’s Snow Sweet!
Christmas Cupcakes
Special Edition

Lady Summer Tanager
The Beauty of Birds


Woody and Bo Peep
Disney•Pixar Toy Story Precious Moments

SuperStar Barbie™ Ornament

Scary Teddy and Undead Duck
Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Captain America

Golfing With Woodstock

1969 Chevrolet® Camaro® ZL1
50th Anniversary

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2018 Member Exclusive – Product Shop (UPDATE)

Seven of the eight 2018 Member Exclusive Product Shop ornaments are still available. KOC Members can now order a second of any of these designs.

Available on or
by calling 1-(800)-HALLMARK

Christmas Window 2018
(Keepsake Korners Café)
16th in the Christmas Windows series.

Winter Wonderland

Glam Gown Barbie™ Ornament
Fashion Model Collection

Cocoa Cutie

Inside Story
3rd and Final in the series.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Songs of the Season
Six-piece set

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2019 Member Exclusives – KOC Product Shop

Six of the Member Exclusive offerings for 2019 have been revealed.


Christmas Window 2019
(North Pole Creamery)
17th in the Christmas Windows series


Clever Cockatiel


Mickey Mouse Marionette
Disney  Mickey Mouse

O Tannenbaum

Blue Chiffon Barbie™ Ornament
Fashion Model Collection

Sugar Plum Fairy
First in the Nutcracker Suite series.

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2019 Sneak Peek: Member Exclusives

Two of the Member Exclusive offerings for 2019 have been revealed.

Sugar Plum Fairy
1st in the Nutcracker Sweet series.

Sugar Plum Fairy (2019)
1st in the Nutcracker Sweet series.

For her new limited-series ornament collection, Edythe Kegrize delved into her memories watching the ballet. “I went to this ballet several times as a child and loved the colorful, elaborate costumes and creative set designs. I still enjoy the music each Christmas,” Edythe recalls. Each ornament in her new Nutcracker Sweet series will feature a character from the famous ballet. Edythe describes them as “sweet, simple forms and inspired by clothespin dolls and simple wooden ornaments from Germany. The colorful costumes will have fabric, crystals and other attachments for a more handcrafted quality.”


Christmas Window 2019
(North Pole Creamery)
17th in the Christmas Windows series.

Christmas Window 2019
17th in the Christmas Windows series.

For the next ornament in her Christmas Window series (17th), Tammy Haddix didn’t have to look far for inspiration. “My window ornaments are always inspired by my boys and the things they like,” Tammy says. And the watchful observer just might recognize an old friend on next year’s ornament. “Since my pet shop window ornament, I’ve always included a little spaniel dog. And I’ve always wanted to create the scene of a boy getting a small ice cream cone for the dog! This sweet dog is his best friend, just like my Baxter, our labradoodle, is for my boys.” Tammy hopes next year’s window brings back fond memories of the ice cream shops of yesteryear. “I sure know I was craving ice cream as I sculpted it!”

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