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2021 Sneak Peek: Local Club Zoom Meetings

Ooh Holey Night

Happy Halloween!
9th in the series.

Nifty Fifties Keepsake Ornaments

The Sweetest Grandkids
Photo holder

Snow White
Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I Got a Rock!

Father Christmas
18th in the series.

Santas Sleigh
Member Exclusive

Vintage Snowman
Premium Collection

Fanciful Fairy
Fairy Messenger
Premium Collection

Rocking Horse Memories
2nd in the series.

Teeny Toaster

Soft Serve Surprise

Tiny Telly

Stocking Stuffers
1st in the series.

The Merriest House in the Galaxy
Star Wars™

Princess Dreams Go Round
Disney Princess

1970 Dodge Charger
The Fast and the Furious™

Car’s the Star
1st in the series.

North Pole Village

Holiday Parade
3rd in the series.

Snow Buddies
24th in the series.

Noble Nutcrackers
3rd in the series.

Beer Stein

All Aboard!

Holiday Lighthouse
10th in the series.

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2021 Sneak Peek: Member Exclusives

The four Member Exclusive offerings for 2021 have been revealed.


Christmas Window 2021
(St. Nick’s Cosmic Comics)
Christmas Windows
19th in the series.

Captivating Cockatoo


Waltz of the Flowers
Nutcracker Sweet
3rd in the series.

Santa’s Sleigh

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2020 Video: Artist Insights (All-American Trucks)

Keepsake Artist Robert Hurlburt and Editorial Director Mike Brush reminisce about what makes this year’s 26th in the All-American Truck series special.

Watch the video

1966 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup by Robert Hurlburt

Spruce up your holidays with this beautiful red 1966 Chevrolet C-10 pickup truck Christmas ornament parked on the tree. With a bottle brush Christmas tree attachment and gift-wrapped package in the truck bed, this die-cast metal decoration showcases the vintage workhorse’s classic appeal with wheels that turn.

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2021 Sneak Peek: Keepsake Spartanburg Keepers Virtual Meeting

As winners of a 2020 Artist Signing, members of the Spartanburg Keepers from Spartanburg, South Carolina were treated to a special sneak peek during their virtual club meeting with Hallmark Keepsake Artists Robert Hurlburt and Terri Steiger. As part of their 30-minute live chat, club members were able to submit questions and see an ornament each artist created for the 2021 Keepsake Ornament line.

by Robert Hurlburt

by Terri Steiger

Princess Dreams Go Round
Disney Princess

Christmas Table Decoration

Noble Nutcrackers

3rd in the series.

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