Hear about new series from the artists, see what personal creative touch every Keepsake Studio artist added to the North Pole Village ornament, and take a look at some of the companion ornaments available this year, and so much more!

  • Why start a new series?
    • Sugar Plum Fairy (Nutcracker Sweet #1) – Edythe Kegrize
    • Cozy Lil’ Critters – Nina Aubé
    • Prince of the Forest (Noble Nutracker #1) – Terri Steiger
    • Holiday Parade – Tammy Haddix
  • Join us at Ornament Premiere!
    • Clever Cockatiel Ornament
    • Blue Chiffon Fashion Collection Barbie™ Ornament
  • It takes a (Keepsake) village
  • Better together
    • That’s Snow Sweet
    • Father Christmas’s Reindeer
    • Lady Summer Tanager
    • Majestic Lady Cardinal
    • Piranha Plant
    • Golfing with Woodstock
    • Wild Lion
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