Get a sneak peek of a new holiday-themed series by Keepsake Artist Gregor Benedetti. See how the Keepsake artists are adapting to working at home. And read about some of the Keepsake artists favorite traditions.

  • Gnaughty & Gnice
  • Artist at Home
    • Sharon Visker
    • Matt Johnson
    • Jake Angel
    • Terri Steiger
  • Will You Be Joining Us in 2021?
    • Go Behind the Scenes
    • Be the Early Bird
    • Up to $30 in Offers
    • Members-Only Ornaments
    • Your Annual Gift
    • Our Best Rewards
  • Holiday Traditions
    • Anita Marra Rogers
    • Tracy Larsen
    • Kristina Gaughran
  • Save the Date

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