The Experience the Magic, KOC Event gave a glimpse into what is to come by revealing several 2020 offerings.

The Hallmark Visitors Center currently has a Keepsake Ornament series display. In addition to showing the development of the four new series debuting in 2019, it revealed what is in store for 2020. Including three new series that will start in 2020 along with three continuing series that will be celebrating milestone anniversaries next year.

1st in series.

Rocking Horse Memories
1st in the series.

Sweet Decade
1st in series.

Disney Princess Celebration
1st in a five-part series.

Milestone Anniversaries

Once Upon a Christmas
10th in the series.

Snowball and Tuxedo
20th Anniversary

Puppy Love
30th in the series.

During the “Innovation and Magic Panel,” Kurt Gaulke (Product Design Manager) and Mike Brush (Editorial Director Keepsake Ornaments), and Phu Dang (Product Design Engineer), gave a behind the scenes look at the latest technologies and a sneak peek of what’s coming next!

Harry Potter™


Albus Dumbledore™
Harry Potter™ Collection

Rubeus Hagrid™
Harry Potter™ Collection

Tannenbaum Twirler
Christmas Carnival
3rd in the five-part series.

During “License to Create!,” Christine Taylor (Licensing Creative Account Manager), Kevin Dilmore (Senior Writer II), and Charles V. Young (Product Development Manager) talked about what goes into the making of licensed character Keepsake ornaments and revealed what is in store for 2020.



Disney Fantasia
80th Anniversary

Jungle Cruise
Disney Mickey Mouse



Captain Kirk
STAR TREK™ Collection

Security Chief Sulu
STAR TREK™ Collection

Lt. Uhura
STAR TREK™ Collection

U.S.S. Enterprise™ NCC-1701 Tree Topper
STAR TREK™ Collection

During the “Trim Your Tree and More” session, the 11th in the Christmas Cupcakes series was on display in the front of the room under a small cloche.

Gingerbread Cutie
Christmas Cupcakes

11th in the series.

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