A Keepsake is much more than an ornament.  It’s a little work of art, created by a real person with a real passion to tell a big story.  From the people and things you love, to memories of the past, to the anticipation of something new.

Your Keepsake honors and celebrates everything that makes the holidays special—joy, together, family, and friends.

When you hang a Keepsake, you’re hanging the story of you.  Happy hanging!


Features the red-cheeked Pokémon from the popular anime series.

  • Artist:
  • Released: 2020 (Ornament Debut)
  • Retail Price: $15.99 USA/$19.99 CAN
  • Material(s): plastic
  • Dimensions: 2" w. x 3.1" h. x 3.2" d.
  • SKU: QXI2531
  • Produced in: Sri Lanka
  • Production Date(s):