The Boggart Snape, Tribble, and The Imperial Probe Droid Event Exclusive Keepsake Ornaments along with the Deadpool itty bittys® and The Child-themed enamel pin go on sale tomorrow.


To purchase the exclusives during the Comic-Con@home virtual event July 22-26, find the Popminded by Hallmark exhibitor page on the Comic-Con@home website starting at 9am PDT Wednesday July 22.*

Click on: any of the exclusive products shown, then in the pop-up window,
Click on: the link titled ‘visit website’ to be taken to a special page on for purchasing.

NOTE: Purchases are limited to one of each of the exclusives per transaction. The exclusive quantities will be first come, first serve. We will not have daily allocations for this event.

UPDATE (07.22.20 @ 9:00 AM PST) –  To purchase the exclusives go straight to:
UPDATE (07.22.20 @ 9:06 AM PST) – Imperial Probe Droid is OUT OF STOCK.
UPDATE (07.22.20 @ 9:16 AM PST) – Professor Boggart Snape is OUT OF STOCK.
UPDATE (07.22.20 @ 9:31 AM PST) – “unfortunately there was an error. It was still early on west coast some people got in. Any and all duplicate orders were canceled. Still the demand was high. We are evaluating inventory levels and will notify if more are in stock soon.”**
UPDATE (07.22.20 @ 9:00 PM PST) – Tribble and The Child enamel pin are OUT OF STOCK.
UPDATE (07.23.20 @ 8:34 PM PST) – “…we hope to have an answer tomorrow about additional inventory available for comic-con@home.”***
UPDATE (07.24.20 @ 1:26 PM PST) – “Thank you for your patience as we took time to investigate what happened this week during Comic-Con@home and evaluate our inventory. We do have additional inventory of the Probe Droid that we will sell in conjunction to the recently announced Metaverse on August 13th. In addition, we are planning to run more inventory this fall to meet the overwhelming demands due to conventions moving online this year while keeping quantities limited to maintain the collectability of an exclusive. Stay tuned for specific announcements regarding time of release, and a direct link for purchase.”****
UPDATE (10.07.20 @ 10:25 PM CDT) – Last chance to pick up 2020 Con Exclusives.*****
– The final sale of the Con Exclusives (for the general public) happens tomorrow at 11:00 AM CDT.
– If you are a Keepsake Ornament Club member, a limited amount will be available for purchase for members only on 10/26 at 9:00 AM CDT.
– A limited number of 2019 event exclusives Sybill Trelawney itty bittys will also be available as part of this sale.

Professor Boggart Snape™
Harry Potter™

STAR TREK TOS: The Trouble with Tribbles

Imperial Probe Droid™
Star Wars™: The Empire Strikes Back™

itty bittys®

The Child™
Star Wars™: The Mandalorian™
PXL8® Enamel Pin

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