Keepsake Artist Terri Steiger was asked a few more questions about how she creates and what’s she’s inspired by.  Here’s what she had to say!

Nesting Doll Surprise
Member Exclusive

Terri: ”I’ve been drawn to nesting dolls because they are so iconic and remind me of my trip to Moscow. I love how each set tells its own story. – whether it’s funny, famous figures or just beautiful illustrations of a family. I like the idea that inside each doll is another ‘surprise.’ My daughter used to love to play with one set of nesting dolls I brought back from Moscow. It would keep her entertained for a long time. I like the sense of discovery that unfolds as you open each nesting doll. I always wanted to paint my own set of Matryoshka dolls but never got around to do it. This was a great opportunity to create one for Keepsakes.”

Stylin’ Santa

Stylin’ Santa

Terri: “I figured that Santa probably wouldn’t wear his red suit every day, so I made up what I imagined was in his closet. He probably had pajamas and for vacations, had relaxing clothes, as well. After I sketched a few outfits, I then put together a paper mock up to see if I could figure out how to make the most possible outfits for Santa. I did lots of sketches to make the outfits fit together when turned. Bringing in engineer extraordinaire, Jean Newton, was what made the magic happen. She figured out how to make the torso section and the legs/feet move smoothly so that there would be 9 possible outfits. She had a 3D model made so she could perfect the movement. She’s the genius behind the wardrobe!”

Terri: “What is common in both the mini Stylin’ Santa and the KOC exclusive Nesting dolls is the interaction with the collector. I like how you have a playful, “hands on” interaction with each ornament. I think that makes it extra special and fun. I hope Keepsake fans will enjoy that extra magic we put into those pieces. I sure do!”