Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, itty bittys® and PXL8 enamel pins among items planned

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (October 2, 2020) – UPDATE: PopMinded by Hallmark will be participating in the online replacement for New York Comic Con, Metaverse, taking place October 8-11. You can find the exhibitor page in the virtual exhibit hall with links to exclusives, as well as core product lines from Star Wars, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Marvel, Star Trek and many more.

As promised, this year’s event exclusives, first sold at Comic-Con@home and later at the first installment of Metaverse, the remainder of the allotment of exclusives will be available during this October Metaverse event beginning on Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 11AM CDT.

In addition to the five 2020 event exclusives, Hallmark has a small amount of the 2019 event exclusive Harry Potter™ Sybill Trelawney™ itty bittys® that will be available for purchase.


Click on the links below to purchase the exclusives on October 8, 2020 starting at 11AM CDT.

If you plan to purchase more than one the exclusive designs, visit Hallmark.com’s PopMinded page to select from the full assortment.

All event exclusives have limited availability while supplies last. Purchases are limited to one of each exclusive per person, per order.

For more information and updates go to PopMinded.com/events and follow @popminded on Instagram.

UPDATE (10.26.20 @ 9:00 AM CDT) – Added the three 2020 Comic Con Ornaments are now available for purchase on Hallmark.com.
UPDATE (10.26.20 @ 9:23 AM CDT) – Professor Boggart Snape is OUT OF STOCK.
UPDATE (10.26.20 @ 1:30 PM CDT) – Imperial Probe Droid™ is OUT OF STOCK.

Professor Boggart Snape™
Harry Potter™

Imperial Probe Droid™
Star Wars™: The Empire Strikes Back™

The Child™
Star Wars: The Mandalorian™
PXL8® Enamel Pin

itty bittys®

Sybill Trelawney™
Harry Potter™
itty bittys®