After nineteen years we learn the names of the three playful penguins: Wade, Waddles, and Wendel.




Wade is the leader of the group. Whether at the bow of a boat, in the cab of a locomotive, or the cockpit of a plane, he takes charge of the situation and steers the adventure. He can be recognized by his sea-foam green and periwinkle blue striped scarf.

Waddles wears a periwinkle blue scarf with white fringe. He is never without a smile and can be seen laughing all the way.

Wendel, the timidest of the trio, speaks softly and is shy. He’s a wee bit more afraid than the others, but his special periwinkle blue and iris striped scarf gives him the right amount of courage to join Wade and Waddles in their adventures.

Playful Penguins Keepsake Ornaments are the lovable creation of Hallmark artist Kristina Gaughran. Year after year, these flippered friends put their imaginations to work building whimsical creations with snow and ice. The penguins’ antics are inspired by Kristina’s own snowy adventures as a child in Iowa and the creative imagination she sees in her two little boys.