A closer look at your Ornament Debut exclusives
Keepsake Artists Tammy Haddix and Edythe Kegrize share how the traditions they grew up with inspired the ornaments they’ve created just for you.

Tutu Enchanting

Snow Queen
Nutcracker Sweet
2nd in the series.

Edythe Kegrize brings the magic of the Nutcracker Ballet to life, exclusively for you in her Nutcracker Sweet series. This year, she’s bringing you the Snow Queen herself, the second ornament in her five-year series.

Edythe’s love of the Nutcracker started early she says, “As a child, I had the pleasure of attending the ballet and thought it was all so magical. The Snow Queen with her glittery costume, the winter wonderland scenery and the beautiful music.”

“That costume from way back then, made me want to make my Snow Queen really shine. So I chose a sparkle glitter. Tulle netting for her little tutu, to catch the light as it hangs on the tree. She also has crystals on her dress and on her snowflake wand.”

Waltz of the Flowers
Nutcracker Sweet
3rd in the series.

Edythe also give us a sneak peek of next year’s creation “I love all the music from the second act of the ballet, so for next year I’m creating a Waltz of the Flowers ornament because it’s something that most people recognize when they hear it. she’ll also have glitter tulle on her tutu and crystals in her tiara and on her flower wand. And her wand will have a tiny satin bow.”

Traditions mean so much to all of us, and this ballet is a special one that Edythe loves to share “Christmas would not be complete for me without playing music from the Nutcracker Ballet while I decorate the tree. “


A Sweet Surprise

Gingerbread Surprise
Member Exclusive

Who lives inside your gingerbread house? That’s the question asked by this member-exclusive Gingerbread Surprise ornament by Tammy Haddix. With a gumdrop roof, and windows Made of frosting, it will make you happy home for either a sugary-sweet gingerbread man or–in just 20 percent of cases–a candy-coated snowman. You’ll have to open yours up to find out which one you get.

Tammy is no stranger to making gingerbread houses, she says, “I used to make gingerbread houses with my brother, sister and mom. When I was little, and then I did the same thing with both my boys when they were little. It’s definitely a tradition, I will carry forward someday with grandkids!”

She continues, “My favorite thing about this gingerbread house is that some of the candy choices are inspired by candies we have used in our full-size houses, like the Necco Wafers roof and gumdrops on top, as well as the colored candy drops that used to come on a piece of waxed paper. They’re all candies from my childhood. I also love the ice cream cone used as a hat on the special little snowman.”

Tammy loves creating these exclusive ornaments for you. “KOC members are so very special to all of us artists in the studio. Because of them. I get to do a job I love! I know our members love creating kitchen trees with food ornaments and like me, they love anything candy!”

“A closer look at your Ornament Debut exclusives.” For Keeps 19 Fall 2020: 2-3