Meet Keepsake Artist…Anita Marra Rogers. Anita joined the Keepsake Studio in 1985 and has brought to life countless beloved characters through her ornaments, including her adorable Puppy Love and Happy Halloween series! Anita’s journey to become a Hallmark Artist began at a very young age.

As a child, Anita’s mother recognized her talent early on, and signed Anita up for oil painting lessons. Years later, a Hallmark sculptor and friend looked at those same paintings and he saw talent! He invited her to come in and see what the Hallmark Artists were working on—whimsical animals, warm Christmas scenes, wintry landscapes. Anita tried her hand at one, sculpting a deer and a bunny looking sweetly at each other over a snowbank. As soon as her friend saw it, he told her that her Keepsake Ornament career had begun. And so, it had!

Anita’s designs