Orville Wilson
Hallmark Production Artist

On Tuesday, July 7, Hallmark Production Artist, Orville Wilson chatted with collectors via Facebook. Here is a synopsis of that chat that highlights most of the questions and responses. Please note the chat is not in chronological order and has been grouped by subject and edited for brevity.

Star Wars™

Orville: A Luke and Vader fight scene on the Death Star (Final Confrontation), was the first design I helped design. And yes to future Star Wars ornaments!

Orville: Can’t share anything just yet but keep watching as events unfold at Comic-Con.

Orville: Yes, I actually used the same character file, but created a new head for R5-D4. So the bodies are the same but I worked on the new head for the exclusive.

Orville: Some of the ideas came straight from Lucas referencing old archived artwork, but these are always a fun collaboration with the team – as you can imagine there are a lot of Star Wars fans in the building!

Orville: It is a bit of a back and forth. We work really closely with our licensing partners to create what we think will be best, but I do a lot of the concept suggestions.

C-3PO™ and R2-D2™
Star Wars™: A New Hope™

19th in the Star Wars™ series.

Orville: Can’t wait for Episode 7 to hit theaters. I need to see the full film to decide what would be cool for next year, but Lucas is keeping that under lock and key so I will have to wait until December like everyone else.


Color Me Happy

Orville: Some of the main colors come from the Crayola style guide and then I add in my own flavor as needed.

Orville: I have no idea! I typically do the Crayola ones with characters. My co-worker Rodney Gentry did the Big Box. But so far there are no plans of an 8 pack that I know of.

Other Work

Orville: No official series. More ‘unofficial’ series like Lego and the TV sets we did. In fact, I also did the initial Barbie shoe that we have done for several Barbie convention exclusives and Debra Murray updates the designs.

Orville: Unfortunately we currently don’t have a partnership with Lego at this time so there is no ornament this year.

Barbie™ Ornament

Orville: This year was my first Tonka ornament which was fun since there are a lot of design nuances.

Orville: There are plans for another Tonka ornament in 2016, but I am not working on it so don’t have any details to share.

Orville: I am working on 2016 now and actually starting ideas for 2017 soon!

Orville: Without being specific, I can tell you there is another one coming in 2016.


Orville: I trained myself to do 3D. I did 2D design and layout work for about 14 years and wanted to learn something new, so I did.

Orville: Great question. I have always been a tech guy so computer only for me–no clay or wax –I love that I can ‘undo’ if I make a mistake, unlike in clay or wax. I have actually had a lot of fun helping show some of the traditional sculptors in the studio how the computer sculpting program works.

Orville: I actually really like working on licensed content because it’s personally what I’m a fan of.

Orville: Yes that happens to me all the time. Not just at the movies, but when watching TV too!

Orville: I do love this years C-3PO and R2-D2 but would love to see them separately with function and even done with a special metallic finish.

Orville: That is a tough one! Outside of Star Wars I would love to do a Battlestar Galactica ship, but unfortunately we don’t have the license. In Star Wars I would love to do something with the Death Star.


Orville: Yes, I use 3D printers. It does change my designs since it allows me to see things in person and determine how much detail I can put in to the design and how I can finesse it for the final product.

Orville: Yes, I actually did a (Darth Vader) Father’s Day card this year where I sculpted the helmet on the card. I have done some gift product in the past like Disney Band continuity from gifts.

Orville: A lot of the toy ornaments I have worked on hold a special place for me because of the memories they hold with my Grandparents and their farm and the time I spent there as a kid.

Orville: I sure do! I love Sue Tague’s little drummer boy. And I collect my favorite characters like Godzilla.

Orville: That is a trick question! But one I do really love is Ken Crow and his use of mechanics.

Orville: All of my ornaments come from life – memories of past and present and the great ideas from collectors like yourself.

Orville: Yes, the year before last I even went to a midnight event. Not sure where I will be this year.