September 2021

Dear KOC Member,

Hello, we’re so happy to connect with you again! We hope you’ve had a great summer and that you’re ready to count down to Christmas with us as the holidays get closer. Honestly, we can’t wait!

Speaking of which, there is so much to look forward to right now. At the top of our list is Ornament Debut! We want you to know that because shipping challenges are affecting product availability, we’ve rescheduled the event to Oct. 16-24 to ensure the best possible selection. As a KOC member, you get to shop a day early, so be sure to join us in store on Friday, October 15. Don’t forget to bring your Early Access Pass, your $5 off $10 coupon and your coupon for $5 off Keepsake gift products—all are enclosed. And if you can’t make it on Friday, you can shop the event anytime from Oct. 16-24.

We’re also excited about what you’ll find inside this issue of For Keeps. First, get ready for some new fun facts and stories! We asked a few Keepsake artists to share something about themselves that you’ve never heard before, and they delivered.

A few of you make an appearance in this issue as well. We went to the archives with some questions you submitted to our Keepsake Ornament Club Facebook group, and we think the answers our historian found are really fascinating—hope you do, too! (If you’re not part of our Facebook group yet, please join us at

Along with those stories, we had some fun chatting with Keepsake Artist Tom Best about his Tomco branding, we’re spilling all the details on our virtual Trim the Tree Event coming in December, and we’re sharing info on what’s coming for KOC membership in 2022. Open enrollment starts in November. Can you believe we’re almost there already?  (We can’t either!)

As always, we’re so grateful that you’re part of the KOC. And if you’d like to connect even more with our community, the best place to keep up with things KOC is at Stop by to say hi to our artists and other members. We would love to see you there.