Thursday, January 02, 2020

Rodney Gentry

When it comes to creating, Keepsake Artist Rodney Gentry is an all-digital-all-the-time kind of guy. “I only work digitally.” he said. “Digital sculpting allows me to be precise and gives me the ability to zoom in close, scale up or down—whichever one is needed. It also allows me to add different textures and contours and I can keep a great digital archive of component parts and characters that I can reuse and refer back to. I’m a big fan of ‘undo’ and ‘redo,’ as well as ‘convert to saved.’”

While he’s sculpting, Rodney likes to surround himself with things he loves. “My work space describes me well,” he said. “It has toys because I love to play, boxing gloves because sometimes the play gets rough, sports figures because I love watching sports, plants because I love nature and lots of golf things because that’s my favorite sport right now.”

In fact, to get his creative juices flowing, Rodney likes to spend a lot of time doing the things he loves. “I play golf every Saturday morning,” he said. “I really enjoy being outdoors. When I’m not golfing, I’m working in my yard or just out enjoying nature in some other way. Being outside away from my desk gives me a chance to step away from modeling and other day-to-day things so I can absorb new ideas, colors and just unwind.”

So what’s Rodney’s favorite ornament in 2019? “I know it sounds cliché,” he said, “but everything I work on is my favorite!”

2019 Ornaments
by Rodney Gentry