Hallmark: Are you loving the retro design of Joanne Wright’s recent ornaments as much as we are? They’ve become really sought-after, and we thought it would be fun to find out what inspired Joanne to create them.

Joanne: “I love the retro/vintage look, especially in Christmas ornaments and decor, not only for the fun style, but also for the colors and materials. I enjoy combing the antique stores for them, and I’ve always wanted to create this look and style in an ornament. In 2020, my wish came true! I created the Nostalgic Santa ornament and, thankfully, the fans and collectors loved him as much as I did. While most of the figurines in the ’50s and ’60s were made of either plastic or porcelain, I chose to create my Santa in porcelain to give him a special look and value. That Nostalgic Santa led to the Vintage Snowman in 2021 and now the Retro Reindeer for this year.

Hallmark: You can also find Joanne’s newest design, Jolly Santa, at our Trim the Tree Event this year. Remember, you can shop early on December 2, when you bring your Early Shopping Pass in store. Joanne is excited for you to see this version of her special Santa.

Joanne: “Being asked to bring back my 2020 Nostalgic Santa for the Trim the Tree Event this year—this time as a new Jolly Santa—was really special to me. I thought it was important to use the bottlebrush attachment again, so this time Santa has that attachment as a wreath, and I love how it turned out.

Hallmark: Joanne is grateful for the positive feedback she’s received from you.

Joanne: “I must give a shout-out to all our friends and fans out there who have done an amazing job displaying them. Nothing inspires me more!

Joanne’s Retro Designs

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