Did you know? Keepsake artist Jake Angell is taking over this beloved series from retired Keepsake artist Robert Chad this year. Read on to learn more!

Jake: “For the last couple of years before Chad* retired, he had been my neighbor at work.

Jake’s and Chad’s cubicles were right next to each other at our headquarters here in Kansas City!

Jake went on to say, “Chad always told me, ‘I am going to suggest that you take this series over. Just watch, they will have you doing Mary’s Angels when I leave!’” Jake said, “well, here we are! I really thought he was just saying that because of my last name. I can only hope he was happy to pass the torch to me.”

We are certain that Chad has happily passed the torch on to Jake, and it is very fitting given Jake’s last name.

And Jake is carrying on Mary and Chad’s legacy with much excitement! He said, “It’s a great series done by some wonderfully talented people. I am humbled.

Jake does not take his role as artist of this series lightly. He went on to say, “it will always be a challenge for me to do right by Mary, in remembrance of such a wonderful, talented, historic Hallmarker. I hope when Chad sees the new ornaments, he knows that I was thinking of him too. And that he agrees I did right by Mary like he would have.

If the Aster ornament is any indication of what’s to come with Jake as the lead artist of this series, we think Jake is doing a fabulous job that both Chad and Mary would be very proud of. Do you agree?

*NOTE: Robert Chad is known as ‘Chad’ in the Keepsake Village.

Jake: “Growing up, my dad was a Methodist pastor. One of the songs I always remember singing as a child was ‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands’ in nursery school. It’s a catchy tune you won’t forget. I think the world needed some healing, so I put the whole world in this little guardian angel’s hands.

What do you think? Will you be adding this ornament to your collection when it releases at Ornament Premiere in July?

Mary’s Angels
35th in the series.

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