Hallmark sat down (virtually!) with Anita to discuss her adorable Boston Terrier, the 31st ornament in her Puppy Love series. Enjoy!

Anita: “I was inspired to do a Boston Terrier by the many requests I have gotten over the years from fans of the series. Boston Terriers have always been a popular breed, so their time had finally come.” Turns out, all of YOU had an impact on Anita’s inspiration for the 31st in the Puppy Love series!

Anita: “The particular puppy that inspired this ornament is named ‘Darwin’ who is the granddoggie to a good friend of mine. Since then, I have become aware of another pup named ‘Combat!’ who looks just like this and belongs to another good friend of mine.” It’s always so fun hearing the personal connections Anita has with her Puppy Love designs!

Anita: “I designed my original sculpt in wax and added the usual red ribbon and brass tag with the year date. I also added flocking to the stocking (haha, that rhymes!) to give it a softer look and feel.”

Anita also added, “some Boston Terriers have a dot in the middle of the white blaze on their foreheads called a Haggerty spot, although some people call it an Angel Kiss, so I gave this pup the angel kiss for good measure.  ” How cute!

We can’t wait for you to see Anita’s adorable Boston Terrier ornament when it releases at Ornament Premiere in July!

Boston Terrier
Puppy Love
31st in the series.

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