Along with their new 2019 KOC Membership cards, club members are receiving a brochure of 2019 Sneak peeks with commentary from the artists.

Prince of the Forest
Noble Nutcrackers
1st in the series.

“Each nutcracker in this new series will illustrate a theme, with each one featuring various attachments in different materials to help showcase the nutcracker’s special kingdom.”

Mischievous Kittens Surprise

Which kitten will you find inside?  That’s the fun of a mystery ornament!  A special repaint of the third ornament in Nina Aubé’s Mischievous Kittens series, there are two colors of kittens to add some feline fun to your tree this year!

Nina Aubé

Family Cake Pops


Family Cake Pops

“I was in heaven being surrounded by all my favorite candies, which I literally made each ornament out of to test!  The finished ornaments will reflect the original ones down to every last detail.  Hopefully no one will try eating them!”

Family Cake Pops


Family Cake Pops


Limoges Snowman 

“I have always been fascinated with the little Limoges boxes that came in all sorts of shapes and sizes when I was growing up.  This ornament will be made of porcelain with a metal clasp.  I’m making it a fairly good size, too, so that’s not only a standout on your tree but also serves as a place to store a note or charm for yourself or someone special.”

Fabulous Flute

“My inspiration for this whole unofficial series is my son, who played in the marching band in high school and college.  I’m trying to get as many instrument sections represented as I can, with this year’s ornament focused on woodwinds.  The snowflakes represent the sounds of the flute, with several smaller snowflakes used since the flute makes a smaller sound.”

“One of my favorite things about this tree trimmer is that we are using an actual tied-ribbon bow. The concept drawing for this bow-tying elf was done several years back as I was planning ahead on what the series might look like.  The inspiration came from the bow-making machine in the Hallmark Visitors Center.  I think the addition of a real bow (red for the store release version and gold for the special 2019 KOC Convention version) adds a nice touch to the ornament.”

North Pole Tree Trimmers
Event Exclusive