See new firsts and lasts in series, and series celebrating anniversaries in 2018!

2018 First in Series Keepsake Ornaments
Start new traditions with first in series ornaments.

1st in the Christmas Angels series.

Journey to the Stars
1st in the Christmas Carnival five-part series.

1938 Buick® Y-Job
1st in the Legendary Concept Cars five-part series.

Chevrolet® Bel Air®
1st in the Lil’ Classic Cars series.

2018 Final in Series Keepsake Ornaments
Complete your collections with these final in series ornaments.

Beautiful Birdhouse
3rd and Final in the series.

Inside Story
3rd and Final in the series.

Mistletoe and Holly
4th and Final in the Baby Fairy Messengers series.

Kringle and Kris
5th and Final in the series.

Milestone years for series favorites
These ornament series are all celebrating milestones in 2018. From 5 years all the way to 35, these favorites have kept us smiling through many holidays, and the artists have stayed true to the wonder that makes us look forward to the next ornament every single year.

Chutes and Ladders®
5th in the Family Game Night series.

Kringle and Kris
5th and Final in the series.

Bathing Blue Jays
5th in the Marjolein’s Garden series.

Season’s Treatings
10th in the series.

Father Christmas
15th in the series.

Mischievous Kittens
20th in the series.

Festive Firs Christmas Tree Farm
35th in the Nostalgic Houses and Shops series.

Anniversary Editions

Season’s Treatings
10th Anniversary.

Father Christmas
15th Anniversary.

Mischievous Kittens
20th Anniversary.

Download a PDF of the complete series list for 2018. (Coming Soon!)