Season Treatings Miniature Tree Set

How to assemble the Season’s Treatings Miniature Tree Set.

  1. Remove all pieces from the box and lay out on a table.
  2. Set aside base/skirt, Angel topper/rod, wingnut, and ornaments.
  3. Lay out all of the tree branches from smallest to largest.
  4. Pick up the Angel topper/rod and invert so the angel is upside-down in your hand and rod is facing up.
  5. Keeping the rod facing up, begin placing branches on the rod from smallest to largest, making sure to rotate so branches are perpendicular.
    NOTE: If you feel some resistance as the rod goes through any of the branches, hold the branch from the peppermint center column and screw the rod through the branch. DO NOT HOLD THE RED LIQUORISH EXTENSIONS OR APPLY PRESSURE TO THE EXTENSIONS. To ensure tree will screw together properly, make sure the peppermint lines line up along the center column. If the peppermint lines do not line up, the branch is upside down or needs to be rotated 90 degrees.
  6. Once all the pieces have been placed on the rod, invert the base/skirt and place on the end of the rod. If you feel some resistance as the rod goes through the base, hold the base firmly and screw the rod into it until it exits the bottom of the base. Once all pieces fit snuggly, screw the wingnut in place to hold all the pieces together securely.
  7. Hang ornaments on the provided hooks and enjoy!

    Additional Information

Click on image below for instructional video.

Season’s Treatings Miniature Tree Set Assembly Instructional Video