Number 1

  • Looking Forward…. Looking Back in the year 2000! 
  • American Spirit Collection pockets a hit among collectors and fascinated kids 
  • From Anne:  Talk Back! 
  • New charms help you personalize Keepsake Ornaments 
  • Time Capsules let you capture memories for the ages 
  • New form School Days Lunch Boxes — Domes and Drink Containers 
  • Meet Rich 
  • Good grief!  You’re 50, Charlie Brown! 
  • Looking forward to a new century, and looking back to many treasured memories 
  • Mailbox:  Choose for yourself?  Choose as gifts?  Your cards and letters say, ‘Do both!’ 
  • FYI:  Stay Tuned! 
  • Li’l Blown Glass ornaments add glimmer to the holidays 
  • Exclusive news for Club members 
  • Hats off to the Hatters 
  • Hallmark Collections retirements 
  • Storing Keepsake Ornaments:  Tips from the experts 
  • Decorating Ideas for Club Members 
  • 2000 At-a-Glance 
  • It’s a boy!  It’s a girl! 

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Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

  • The Night Before the Night Before Christmas 
  • From Mark - Hello Club Members! 
  • Local Clubs Share Passion For Collecting! 
  • Bee Ready! The Way to Bees Arrive in January! 
  • Here is Your “Official” Sneak Peek at the 2001 Club Year! 
  • Spring Is Just Around the Corner… 
  • BIG CHANGES for Kiddie Car Classics in 2001! 
  • Decorating Ideas - Deck Your Halls (and Windows Too!) 
  • Can We Chat? 
  • Welcome To Keepsakes Marla!