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Bob Siedler became a Keepsake Ornament artist through the little-known “noon doodle” method.

“I was working in Hallmark’s sales promotion department as a paste-up artist,” Siedler explains, “and on my lunch hours, I started making clay roughs and called them my “noon doodles.”  Eventually, I completed a group of small figurines which I showed to the Keepsake Ornament art direction.”

Those clay roughs landed Siedler a job in the Keepsakes department where he has been working since 1981.  He joined Hallmark after graduating from the Spectrum Institute for Advertising Arts in Summerville, N.J.

Siedler thrives on variety.  “Each year, we create a new line of ornaments,” he says, “and each ornament is different, so every assignment presents new challenges.”

Siedler meets the constant challenge of coming up with fresh ideas by constantly observing people and their own particular lifestyles.  “For me, watching people’s behavior lends enough information to supply me with a lifetime of ideas,” he says.

Some of Siedler’s most popular Keepsake Ornament designs have included the Magic design Hop ‘n Pop Popper and the Reindeer Champ.  This year’s Artists’ Favorite Ornament, Keep on Mowin’, puts Santa in an amusing situation we don’t usually think of when we wonder how Mr. Claus spends his weekends.

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Bob looked forward to the type of snow that’s “just right” for building snowmen…and snow animals, too. In past winters his front yard has been home to a snow-bear, kangaroo, and lion. They all looked quite natural, because Bob gave them an unusual finishing touch. He sprayed them lightly with color-tinted water. And by request, Bob carefully placed his snowy creatures so that the little boy who lived next door could see them from his bedroom window.

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