Welcome to the new Digital Dream Book!

Welcome to the new Digital Dream Book!2021-04-17T18:36:21-06:00

Welcome to the new Digital Dream Book!  We hope you’ll enjoy the new site, we have a lot of new features for you to explore.  This page will give you a quick overview of our new website…

To get started, you’ll want to Register.  Even if you were a member of the old site, you will still need to register as we currently unable to transfer that information from the old site. Here are some FAQs to help get you started:

  1. Click on “My Account,” which can be found at the top of every page, in the menu bar, below the Digital Dream Book logo.
  2. Two sub-menus appear:  “Register” and “Login.”  (If you see other options like “My Profile” or “Logout” that means you are already logged in).
  3. Click on “Register.”
  4. A Sign Up box will appear.  Complete the information.  Certain pieces of information you can choose to make public or private by clicking on the change button below it.  For an explanation of the privacy options for each field, click here.
  5. Check your email for a message from thedigitaldreambook.com.  Follow the directions in the email.  (Please check your junk/spam folder if it does not appear in your inbox shortly.)

Note:  Accounts that have not been activated using the emailed link in step 5 will be deleted within a few months.  If this happens to you, simply restart the Registration process as shown here.

Is there a cost or fee to join digital Dream Book?2018-07-24T16:29:52-06:00

No, digital Dream Book is a FREE web based resource guide open to all Hallmark Collectors.

Do I need to join your local club (Digital Dreamers) to have full access to your Web site?2018-03-12T21:31:56-06:00

No, although we sponsor the “digital DREAMERS” local club, membership in the club is not required to have full access to our entire site.  Currently the only requirement for full access is a completed profile.

Do I have to wait to be approved after registering?2020-01-24T13:20:11-06:00

No, there is no approval process.

You will, however, receive an automatic email asking you to confirm you registered and it is your email address being used.  Once you act on that email, you are a full registered member.

Now that you’ve registered, let’s explore the new website!

Latest News
For those who just want the old Digital Dream Book experience of a news feed, you can quickly find that directly under our logo, in the menu, as the “Latest News” link.

Even better than the old site, when an ornament is pictured in the news feed, you can click on it to go directly to its own page where all the information we have on it is shown, like the artist, price, size, etc.

With the new site, we’ve added the ability to filter the news based on different interests, which can be found on the left side of the Latest News page.

Latest News is fully searchable using the magnifying glass in the menu bar.  Finally, as always, feel free to leave your comments, opinions or questions on the individual news articles!

A fun place to hang out and chat with friends!  We have the discussion board divided up into topics based on interest.  Whether you want to chat about the latest Hallmark news, decorating, your local club projects or something non-collectible related, there is a place for you on our Discussion board!

There is also a Digital Dream Book Site News topic that keeps you up-to-date on the progress of the website.  From temporary site issues to new features, our pug pup Abigail will do her best to keep you in the know.

This section holds Hallmark publications and communication over the years, and historical event information. Examples are past Dream Books, For Keeps newsletters and email-only newsletters.

Historical event information includes Convention, signing information and an upcoming Calendar.  For example, our events pages have answers to questions like, “what were the prizes at the 2015 KOC convention?”

Expert Tip:  Like Latest News, Archive pages typically have a red banner below the menu.

We are slowly building up a database of Hallmark ornaments. You can find them via the Ornaments menu and then choosing an available year.  (If a year is not clickable, then it is not set up yet.)

At the top of each ornament year page, we have filters so you can quickly narrow down the list of ornaments to certain areas of interest, like: series, limited quantity, and Heritage, to name a few.

Once you find an ornament you’re interested in, click on it to see its page with artist, pricing, images, and even sometimes a few surprises!  If there are any related ornaments, like series, unofficial series or a collection, you’ll find them at the bottom of the ornament’s page.

While you’re there, leave a review of the ornament or post your favorite memory associated with it!

Expert Tip:  Ornaments pages typically have a light blue banner below the menu.

Keepsake Studio Artists
Artist profiles can be found by clicking “Keepsake Studio Artists” in the menu.  Most artists have a page with their bio, some past articles written about them and maybe a few fun facts in the right hand column.

Current artists will feature two of the most recent sneak peeks we have for them.  Current artists will also have a news section at the bottom of their page, featuring all of the latest news articles about them.

There is also a link to view all of an artist’s ornaments that we currently have in our database (This feature is currently limited to a select number of artists—but growing!).

Expert Tip:  Artist pages typically have a medium blue banner below the menu.

Local Club Resources
This is where you can find a local club, read local club news from Hallmark and see all the Local Club ornaments throughout the years.

Expert Tip:  Local Club News pages typically have a green banner below the menu.

There are plenty more features not covered above, so please explore the site, you might find something very interesting or useful!

You can also comment on nearly anything on the site, so feel free to add comments to the latest news or review an ornament!

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