• 2004 Brings Changes To Local Club Program
    • Local Club Program
    • Keepsake Ornament Club
  • ‘Local Club of the Year’ Program Launches
  • Dream Book Available On-Line Soon


  • Those Cute Little Penguins Are Back!
  • KOC Manger Mark Ameren Takes New Role at Hallmark
  • Watch Your Mail
  • Just A Reminder
  • Who Are Those New Artists? (Tom Best, Mike Dirham, Lane Feuer, Rudy Garcia, Terri Steiger)


  • Ornament Premiere Is Nearly Here!
  • Veteran Studio Artist Announces Retirement (Dill Rhodus)
  • Studio Artists To Appear At Retail Locations
  • Have You Renewed?
  • Did You Know…


  • Ornament Debut Just Around the Corner
  • Premiere Top Sellers
  • For Keeps Set To Mail In Mid-September
  • KOC To Host Regional Events in 2005
  • Jeopardy!
  • Final Mailing Of The Year To Local Clubs
  • Did You Know?


  • 2005 KOC Year Ready To Launch
  • Local Club of the Year Contest Entries Due February 15
  • Wheel-Of-Fortune
  • Final Mailing of 2004 To Local Clubs