Contributing Hallmark Artist

Watsonville, California

Most Keepsake Ornament collectors are probably not familiar with his name, however, they likely have or have at least seen his work.

Pedro Martin (aka Peter Martin) came to the attention of collectors in 2018, when Hallmark credited him as the artist behind the Star Wars™ "The Force Is Strong Tree Skirt."

Artists' Caricature Ball

However, longtime collectors would probably instantly recognize his Keepsake work from the early 1990's when his sketches of the Keepsake Studio Artists were used on glass ball ornaments.  The "Circle of Friendship" ornament was the KOCC gift for new membership in 1993, while his Artists' Caricature ball was available for purchase at the 1995 Expo stops across the US.

He has also worked on other licensed properties having designed the 2017 Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data Star Trek magic ornament and the 2018 Rainbow Brite and Twink.

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