Wear Your Keepsake Love on Your Sleeve (or Socks)

We get it—we eat, sleep and dream ornaments, too. For Keepsake Editor Lindsay Evans, leaning into that love was a no-brainer. Just in time for Ornament Premiere, she and the studio created a new line of wearable and sharable Keepsake extras.

From a coffee cup to tea towels to festive socks, the Keepsake Lover Gift Collection speaks to the passion and culture around collecting, with tongue firmly in cheek. As both a creator and a collector, Lindsay says the voice came naturally.

“I love Christmas, I have hundreds of Keepsake Ornaments, before I even worked for Keepsake. My own ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament is a Keepsake,” she says. “So I wrote things that resonated with me.”

Her favorite of the collection? The slipper socks with “Shhh…” on one foot and “I’m admiring my ornaments” on the other.

“They celebrate that moment when the tree is decorated, the ornaments are all in the perfect place, the whole house is twinkling and you get to put your feet up and take it all in,” she says.

“There’s a life on a tree. Every ornament has its own story— they represent someone’s loves and interests and likes. It’s a memory keeper.”

Pairs Well Wine Glass

Keepsake Ornament Christmas Tea Towel

Admiring My Ornaments Socks

Hang the Ornaments Mug

Gnome for Christmas Face Mask

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