A few Keepsake Artists were asked: What ornament are you most excited about for 2019 and why?

Cuteness Beyond Measure

Nina Aubé: My #1 fav for 2019 is the measuring spoon Snowman, “Cuteness Beyond Measure”. My inspiration was my grandma’s old aluminum measuring spoons. She passed them on to my mom, so I grew up using them. My mom then gave to me when left for college. I’m still using them! And they still bring back fond memories of baking together with my family.

Runner up fav: My new series, Mini cozy critter. 2 reasons: I’m a huge bird lover; I’ve loved teeny tiny things since I was a kid. (I collect miniatures as a hobby, i.e. “Little Kiddle” dolls).

North Pole Public Radio

Tracy Larsen: For the ornaments I created, I’m most excited for the North Pole Public Radio. One of my favorite ornaments from the past is a cathedral style radio from 2006, created by Nello Williams and some terrific writers, that you can tune in to different stations and hear music and humorous ads. It also comes with that old radio static in between stations as you turn the tuning knob.

The ads are so well done that they still make me smile every time I hear them. I was fortunate to be able to create my own version, fashioned after some of the old bakelite radios from the 40’s and 50’s, using Santa’s belly, with belt and buckle, as a design motif. Our editors and sound people have again done a wonderful job of putting together music with funny ads that I trust will put a smile on the faces of those that “tune in”.

Prince of the Forest
1st in the Noble Nutcracker series.

Sharon Visker: Mine or someone elses? Here’s both: Terri Steiger’s new nutcracker series— Prince of the Forest- I love the old world style combined with the decorative fine details that Terri designed.

Mine – Tiki Tidings- Fun, festive tiki makes me just want to go vacationing somewhere warm and tropical!

32nd in the Mary’s Angels series.

Robert Chad: Mary’s Angel #32 “Hyacinth” I made it especially for the collectors. Blonde hair, pink dress with butterflies. As feminine (girly) as I could.

Baby Girl’s First Christmas

Debra Nielsen: I have a twofer. The Baby (Boy’s/Girl’s) First Christmas (bear booties). I am excited about the boy and girl baby bear booties because they are full of personality, and I will enjoy gifting them to some special babies in my life this year.

Hogwarts™ Castle Tree Topper
Harry Potter™ Collection

Kristina Gaughran: I’m really excited for all the Harry Potter storytellers with the tree topper!!! I LOVE how they all interact with the castle and the music and light show for Hogwarts is fantastic!!

O Tannenbaum
Club Exclusive

Anita Marra Rogers: I am most excited about the KOC Exclusive, “O Tannenbaum” because it features my little granddoggie, Oreo Scruffles. He is representing my Puppy Love series.

Kringle’s Toy Shop

Ken Crow: Kringle’s Toy Shop is the ornament that I am most excited about. I identify with Santa creating mechanical things for the purpose of making people happy.

Share what ornament(s) you are most excited about for Premiere!