In their excitement for the release of the event exclusive Gingerbread Carousel on Aug. 22, Hallmark sat down with Keepsake Artists Edythe Kegrize, Nina Aubé, and Gregor Benedetti to discuss the inspiration behind their contributions to this year’s studio piece.

Gingerbread Carousel Design Concept

When choosing a concept for this year’s studio ornament, Keepsake Artist Edythe Kegrize wanted to give her fellow artists a chance to show off what they can do.

“Immediately, I thought of cookies,” Edythe says. “Everybody loves baking at Christmas, and I’ve always admired the gingerbread competitions where people have spent hours upon hours and have all these wonderful creations on display.”

The result was the Gingerbread Carousel, which features creative treats from each artist in the studio.

For some of Hallmark’s artists, this is a favorite they get to work on because every single artist from the Studio works together to bring this sweet ornament to life. In addition to coming up with the design concept, Edythe also led the coordination of the piece. She worked closely with artist Robert Hurlburt to partner on piecing every individual piece of this ornament together digitally. Robert and Edythe have worked closely on similar pieces over the years and Edythe has often referred to Robert as the one who puts the final “it” all together.

Gingerbread Carousel Polar Bear

For her polar bear, Nina Aubé found her inspiration right inside the Keepsake Studio! Nina said, “I remember researching both cookie and carousel designs for this project. I was aiming for a decorative yet simple, easily readable animal shape and saddle. I was also very inspired by a heritage blown glass polar bear that Edythe designed.”

Gingerbread Carousel Sleigh

This ornament is special to Gregor Benedetti, and he told us why. Gregor said, “This sleigh was one of the first ornaments I designed last year when I jumped aboard the Keepsake Studio as an official member. The inspiration for this cute little cookie came from a time in my youth when I worked at an Italian pastry shop in New York City’s Greenwich Village piping icing on cakes and other sweet treats.”

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