Hallmark sat down with Joanne Wright to discuss her adorable Angelic Candlelight ornament.

Angelic Candlelight releasing at Ornament Debut next month is a follow-up to last year’s ornament of the same name. Like last year’s design, it uses Keepsake magic to imitate a real candle by lighting up and flickering!


Of her inspiration, Joanne described, “I love the flickering light candles you see everywhere, and I have always wanted to create an ornament around that kind of ‘magic’. My little great niece, Oakley, was my inspiration and model for this cute, charming angel. Getting the attitude and gesture just right was important, so it helps to use a model…especially one you love so much. Her playfulness and mischievous ways were perfect for this year’s Angelic Candlelight angel.”

Fun fact! Oakley was also Joanne’s model for Festive Friends, last year’s pull-string cherub!

Since this ornament lights up and flickers, Joanne worked closely with the Keepsake Engineering Team to ensure every element of the ornament came together perfectly. Joanne said, “working together with Jean, the Keepsake Engineer, was very important in the creation of this one. We worked very closely together throughout the entire process.”

Joanne recalled, “the size of the candle was a challenge because it had to fit all the components needed to make the magic flickering flame, and still look charming.” We think Joanne and Jean executed adorably What do you think?

Don’t forget! There are new dates for Ornament Debut this year: October 16-24 – and you all have early access to shop in-store on October 15!

Angelic Candlelight

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