Hallmark sat down with Robert to discuss his Christmas Carnival #4 ornament, Rock Candy Express. Enjoy!

Robert: “My love of trains and big machines.”

Robert grew up with Peddle tractors, train sets, and anything Tonka. He channeled his love of these toys when crafting the Christmas Carnival #4, just for you!

Robert further discussed his inspiration, “I design primarily digitally now, but looked to what the Keepsake Studio has done with magic (light, sound and motion) ornaments in the past.” He recalled researching and calling on his memory of toys and dioramas from his own childhood. He also visited The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures of Kansas City to pull inspiration for this ornament.

Robert: “Engineering worked out the amount of movement and the track layout. The track moves up and down, so the timing of the music with the movement has to be smooth. Since this ornament connects to the Keepsake Power Cord, it allows for even more lights – that I hope our collectors love!” Robert went on to say, “The Keepsake Editorial team took all of our ideas for the sign and, as usual, came up with an even better idea from our input – Rock Candy Express!”

Finally, Robert mentioned, “I was channeling (retired Keepsake Artist) Ken Crow all the while that I worked on this.” Ken designed the first three ornaments in the Christmas Carnival series. “…and I think we both would love this ride.”

Rocky Candy Express
Christmas Carnival
4th in the series.

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