Here are some Keepsake Artists’ insights into an ornament each has created for 2020.

Holiday Parade
2nd in the series.

Tammy Haddix: “In creating this series, I imagined a holiday parade of vintage trucks that represent business in a nostalgic town–each named after one of my fellow Keepsake artists. My inspiration for this year’s parade entry, Sharon’s Bakery, is Sharon Visker’s sweet series, Season’s Treatings.”

Rocking Horse Memories
1st in the series.

Matt Johnson: “What an honor to reimagine this popular series from the 80s and 90s. I spent a lot of time researching the history of rocking horses and then digitally sculpting for authenticity, balance and scale. I kept the stirrups. bearing rein and tail true to the original series.”

Black-Throated Blue Warbler
The Beauty of Birds
16th in the series.

Edythe Kegrize: “When I consider which bird to add to my series, I look for striking colors and patterns that will show up nicely on a Christmas tree. I was thrilled to run across this charming little bird who just happens to be the first warbler so far in the Beauty of Birds series.”

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