Find new friends to hang with series ornaments

This holiday, a few of the limited quantities are companions to current series ornaments. Designed to go together, think of them as counterparts to their much-loved friends.

Series Ornament | Cookie Cutter Christmas
LQ Companion | Ten Sweet Years

Keepsake Artist Nina Aubé has always had heart for tiny creatures—and an imagination wild enough to dream up their human-sized adventures. Her Cookie Cutter Christmas companion ornament commemorates the series’ 10th year.

“The Cookie Cutter series was inspired by the nostalgia of old-fashioned aluminum cookie cutters, the kind my grandmother used. There’s always a sweet scene, literally—I use candy and cookies as props for the little mouse in his little adventures inside the vignettes. It’s the most fun part for me. The Cookie Cutter series is in its 10th year and it’s my favorite series to work on. It’s fun coming up with the scenery and props for the mouse to use in his adventures. As a kid, I loved little tiny things. These are like a miniature shadowbox scene. They just make people happy.”

– Keepsake Artist Nina Aubé

Series Ornament | Star-Tipped Sweetness, Christmas Cupcakes
LQ Companion | Sweet Reindeer Treat
By Retired Keepsake Artist Ruth Donikowski

Series Ornament | All Decked Out, Spotlight on Snoopy
LQ Companion | All Tangled Up

For Keepsake Artist Tracy Larsen, the Peanuts® characters are so multi-dimensional, that at times it can be hard to tell who’s pet and who’s person. In fact, Snoopy usually gets the spotlight to himself, but this year Charlie joins him.

“‘All Tangled Up’ is a fun companion to the Spotlight on Snoopy series. It’s just Charlie being Charlie—he’s somehow got himself all tangled up. In the series, Snoopy’s tangled up in lights but he’s being decorated by Woodstock, he’s a willing participant. It’s true to each of their natures. They each have interesting quirks and idiosyncrasies. For me, an ornament can contain as much sentiment as a card. Especially when it comes out every year to hang on the tree.”

– Keepsake Artist Tracy Larsen

Series Ornament | Evening Grosbeak, The Beauty of Birds 
LQ Companion | Lady Evening Grosbeak
By Retired Keepsake Artist Edythe Kegrize

Series Ornament | Father Christmas
LQ Companion | Father Christmas’ Reindeer

Though he’s been around for centuries, Father Christmas still holds a lot of charm for Keepsake Artist Joanne Wright. This year’s Father Christmas ornament and his companion are extra special for Joanne, who created the series more than 18 years ago.

“I wanted to come up with a Santa that was new but still traditional. I’m especially proud of this year’s Father Christmas and companion ornament. He’s a departure from what I’ve done in the past. I was inspired by my childhood, growing up by the ocean in Massachusetts. I looked for fabrics that had the same blues and aquas like water, and ribbons that had a shimmer and reflective quality. The shells were molded from actual tiny shells I found on the beach. The message he brings this year is ‘Peace and Tranquility.’”

– Keepsake Artist Joanne Wright

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