Holiday Lighthouse
 in the series.

Birdie P. Nestinghouse
16th in the series.

A Job Well Done
Once Upon a Christmas

Happy New Year
Once Upon a Christmas

Countdown to Christmas
Tree Topper

Jack Skellington
Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas

2020 Snowflake

Made For Each Other

A Reel Keeper

Bitty Butterfly

Keepsake Artist Tracy Larsen’s Holiday Lighthouse, 9th in the series was inspired by lighthouses (Fire Island Lighthouse in New York and Cape Lookout Lighthouse in North Carolina) he visited on the east coast while on a family vacation.

The middle initial in the Snowtop Lodge series is in alphabetical order from the very beginning – this year, the 16th in the series (featuring a middle initial of the 16th letter in the alphabet) – “Birdie P. Nestinghouse”!

“A Job Well Done,” the 10th (and Final) in the Once Upon a Christmas series features the same puppy from “Checking it Twice,” the first ornament in the series.

The “Happy New Year!,” special edition ornament is a companion to the 10th and Final in the Once Upon a Christmas series.

The 10 ornaments in the Once Upon a Christmas series collectively tell the story of Santa’s adventure on Christmas eve night. Each was released in sequence to continue the story which ended with this year’s “A Job Well Done.” Each of the 10 ornaments in this series were planned from the very beginning.

The “Countdown to Christmas Tree Topper” projects white snowflakes onto the ceiling all the time! And as the day turns over, there is a special colorful light show indicating one day closer to Christmas. On Christmas Day, there is a 24-hour special color light show!

Retired Keepsake Artist Ken Crow’s “Christmas Cabin” ornament is loosely based on Ken’s retirement home in the Missouri Ozarks.


      • The “Christmas Cabin” ornament features skaters skating around the ice, sledders going up and down the hill, children inside the cabin decorating the tree, and carolers singing!
      • The voices from the family inside the “Christmas Cabin” are all Hallmarkers and Hallmarker’s children!

There are 7 different performances possible with the combination of the three characters in the Nightmare Before Christmas storytellers collection!

 A narwhal, narwhales are real! And the “horn” on its head is a tooth that is used for hunting and defense.

To create the 2020 Snowflake ornament, retired Keepsake Artist Ruth Donikowski created a dozen versions of a snowflake before landing on the final design.

The “Made For Each Other” wedding photo holder ornament and the “A Slice of Love” wedding cake ornament were designed to coordinate with one another.

 The “Holiday Cheer” ornament features real fluid.

The “A Reel Keeper” ornament is the first time Hallmark has done a photo frame for a fishing ornament!

NOTE: Hallmark held a contest on Facebook in April 2019 to select a winner of the face paper featured. The winner was Alexander Udwari and Austin!

 This is the first year Hallmark has done miniature Frozen ornaments!

The “Bitty Butterfly” is based on the full-size Brilliant Butterflies series.

“Minnie On Ice” is the companion ornament to the “Mickey On Ice” miniature ornament.

Christmas Cabin

Buddys Buddy

A Slice of Love

Holiday Cheer

Disney Frozen

Mickey on Ice
Disney Mickey Mouse