Rocking Horse Memories
1st in the series.

Sweet Decade
1st in the series.

Fly the Coop
Playful Penguins

Holiday Parade
2nd in the series.

Confectionary King
Noble Nutcrackers
2nd in the series.

Toymaker Santa
21st in the series.

The Beauty of Birds Clock
Table Decoration/Wall-Mount

Ring in the Season
6th in the series.

Majestic Plumed Bird
Premium Collection

Sound-a-Light Festive Home

The new Rocking Horse Memories series is inspired by one of the most beloved series in Keepsake Ornament history, the Rocking Horse series, which ran for 16 years beginning in 1981 and ended in 1996.

NOTE: The 14th in the original Rocking Horse series is featured on page 24 of this year’s Dream Book.

Each ornament in the Sweet Decade series will feature a sweet snowman and sugary treats.

The “Fly the Coop” ornament includes its own unique airline title: Iceberg Airways! Senior Editor Lindsay Evans and Keepsake Artist Kristina Gaughran brainstormed dozens of airline titles before they landed on Iceberg Airways.

Keepsake Artist Tammy Haddix was inspired by fellow Keepsake Artist Sharon Visker’s love of baking and the Season’s Treatings series when she created her 2nd in series Holiday Parade ornament.

“Prince of the Forest,” the 1st in the Noble Nutcrackers series, was the most successful 1st in series in the history of Keepsake Ornaments.

The 1st and 2nd in the Noble Nutcrackers series have a functioning lever on the back that opens and closes the nutcracker’s mouth just like a real nutcracker.

This year’s Father Christmas theme is music and the sounds of the season. Not only does his scroll carry a song related Christmas message, but he also carries a horn and songbook.

The 21st in the Toymaker Santa series is based on a classical construction set and Ken Crow’s love of vintage toys from the 50’s.

NOTE: Turn the crank on the Ferris Wheel to see the cars move.

This is the first time Keepsake Artist Sharon Visker has ever featured a donut in her Season’s Treatings series. Tammy Haddix’s Holiday Parade, 2nd in series, which was inspired by the Seasons Treatings series also features a donut tree.

NOTE: Gingerbread Delivery, the Limited Edition companion piece to the 2020 Holiday Parade ornament also features a donut in its design.

“The Beauty of Birds Clock” light shows are based on times of day: Morning, noon, and evening.

The sound of “The Beauty of Birds Clock” chime is based on a vintage Russian clock.

The “Black-Throated Blue Warbler” ornament is carrying berries because they are one of its favorite treats.

Each year a different artist sculpts the surface details on the Ring in the Season series premium bell.

The “Santa of the Forest” premium Poland blown-glass ornament is the most complicated and detailed Santa that Keepsakes has ever created in blown-glass. Each element on the “Santa of the Forest” premium ornament is hand painted with intricate detail. The forest pattern is the most complicated scene ever created by Keepsakes for a glass ornament.

The “Majestic Plumed Bird” premium ornament reflects Keepsake Artist Edythe Kegrize’s love of creating intricate surface patterns. The design is hand-painted and enhanced with glitter and gemstones to reflect light.

The “Sound-A-Light Wreath” responds to your own music, AND the sound of your voice, AND the sounds of a holiday party. You can even sing to it!

 Anywhere!, The “Sound-A-Light Wreath” has five different color themes. It can accompany any holiday décor!

The “Sound-A-Light Santa’s Gazebo” and Festive Home are based on the 2013 Limited Edition “Gazebo” and the 1996 “Victorian Painted Lady” both part of the Nostalgic Houses and Shops series.

NOTE: The Sound-A-Light table decorations interact with each other and ALL other Sound-A-Light collection pieces.

Father Christmas
17th in the series.

Season’s Treatings
12th in the series.

Black-Throated Blue Warbler
The Beauty of Birds
16th in the series.

Santa of the Forest
Premium Collection

Sound-a-Light Wreath
Premium Collection

Sound-a-Light Festive Gazebo